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It all started around 15 years ago with the creation of a new mainstream line of books that would display fan favorite characters in the modern era. People didn't need to worry about origin stories that were "outdated", and the Ultimate line was born. It sold in waves, and soon the Ultimate line had around 6 books coming out monthly, which were all hot sellers in the Marvel line. But, something happened in 2008 known as "Ultimatum", which destroyed the line. Jeph Loeb promised to show the world that the Ultimate line would be far different then the regular Marvel universe by killing off a number of their main stars, and reminding us that in this reality "dead means dead". Yes, he killed off the characters, but he also placed the first nail in the coffin of this once proud comic line. Sure, it survived a few more years, but it wasn't the same. Now, the original comic creators return to give us the final nail in the coffin with the series "Ultimate: The End", which would also be a "Secret Wars" crossover. The first four parts of this series was a total mess, that made little to no sense. Now, after a nearly 5 month delay for the final part, we get to see how this line ends.

Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mark Bagley give us the final stage of the Ultimate line, as we watch all the heroes of the comics wage a final war on God Doom to show him that they will not take his punishment any longer. First, we need to remember that a majority of what happened in this saga made zero sense, and actually went against what was going on in the Secret Wars main series. That happens again in this issue as we get the actual reason for why the two cities are going to war with each other. Suddenly, appearances by Old Man Logan(who just appears literally), Miles Morales(who just swung there in a nick of time) and Doom himself(why does he hate the Ultimate universe exactly???) happen but it still does nothing to save this book. Bendis, in true Bendis style, gives us a tremendous amount of dialogue to make us believe that this book has both emotion and logic inside of it, but, it doesn't at all work. By the end, we are left wondering what even happened. Yes, the book is the end of the Ultimate line as all the characters die(oh, and what a great way they display how they perish....I was scratching my head at that), but who really cares anymore? The Ultimate line died in 2008 for a majority of the fans, and now we can finally let it rest in peace. But, it's a shame that this was the best way they can end the line. I give this comic a 3 out of 10 and the whole series around a 4 out of 10.


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