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Steve Beard

A very long time ago, during the Gem War, Red Agate was versing the Homeworld Fusion Stephanite. With Pearl's sword tactics, Ruby's anger, and Amethysts long hair, only Red Agate was the most vengeful Crystal Gem fusion out on the field. Rose and Sapphire were fighting other gems during this big battle. Stephanite threw 1000 rocks at Red Agate but Red Agate summoned a volcano with lava to burn Stephanite with. Lapis Lazuli was faced with another Crystal Gem named Black Topaz who hated Lapis for stealing her rights as a water gem. So Lapis's best friend Coral gave her advice as she fought against Sugilite. Of course Coral won and Sugilite was defused in seconds, A homeworld gem named Amber was facing the Crystal Gem fusion Chrysocolla and a fusion named Black Opal, looked like White Opal only bigger and with 8 gem places and 16 arms. This fusion was really big and Chrysocolla had 10 gem placements and had 20 arms. Amber summoned Lapis, Coral, and the fusion Azurite to fuse with her creating Aurora Quartz, three times the size of Alexandrite. Destroying the entire Gem Temple and forcing the Crystal Gems to make the temple; Rose made the temple come to life with heavy weapons. Stephanite rose out only with more fusions from homeworld lead by Jasper and Blue Topaz which were very angry and forced Garnet into fusing with them so they can take out Pearl and Rose at the same time. With so many fusions from Homeworld, the rest will be said in Part 2 of this


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