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Yeah thats right...heres why;

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out on the 18th, we all know that. I also have great faith in that J.J. Abram's will deliver something we all have deserved that will finally make us or at least me forget about the last 3 entries even exist. I have no doubt in it whatsoever and i had planned on seeing it this week with the rest of the world until....

Disney had a deal with Arclight cinemas (well regarded theatre chain here in LA) for it to have two weeks run in the historic Cinerama Dome up until Xmas to where Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight would then take over with its 70mm roadshow presentation rightfully fit for the domes screen for two weeks as well. Well it all went to shit once Disney reached back out to Arclight and threatened to pull Star Wars from all the chains theaters if the dome didn't extend its viewing for the whole month instead of just until the 25th as originally planned. In Arclight's defense they retorted with the acknowledgement they already had a deal with QT but after being threatened to lose the biggest movie of the year, they sided with Star Wars and still will show The Hateful Eight but on its smaller screens.

So who cares when its just one theatre chain right? Well if you don't live here in LA then yeah theres no need for you to care i suppose. If you are like me though and have been dying for this movie to hit the dome then you are rightfully pissed off as well but not nearly as much as Quentin. Who wouldn't want to see a film on a 86 foot long screen? More than that, who wouldn't want to go to see movie that was shot on film which is extremely rare these days, anamorphic 70mm for that matter which hasn't been done in 50 years! Panavision resurrected old lenses to be retro fitted just for Quentin that were used for Ben Hur! What!? Yes, that says something!!!

Quentin always pictured it showing for him and the fans in the dome for many reasons as i stated above but also for the fact that its a staple theatre here in Hollywoods history. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World premiered there! That is legendary. No man has gone such great lengths to preserve film use and to treat an audience to a real lost theatre experience that includes an overture and intermission. Its more than a shame to lose this opportunity for the fans to see it this way but more importantly its a loss for cinema and film itself. Sure smaller screens will suffice for its film format in the limited release period before it goes publicly to the cheap digital format that saturates the market now but it wont be the same...for those who have been to the dome know, nothings the same.

Agree or disagree but you cant argue facts and unfairness and what Disney just pulled is disgustingly pathetic and greedy when they've already oversaturated the market on Star Wars paraphernalia before the movie even came out making me feel like I've already seen the damn movie and know everything about it. As mentioned on the Howard Stern show earlier probably in jest, Howard did plea with Disney and told QT that he would try to reach out to certain people and pull some strings as well as J.J. Abrams perhaps stepping in to speak to Disney on its decision to screw QT over on something he's worked so hard to deliver to us. Heres hoping Arclight comes to common sense and still supports The Hateful Eight in the dome, until then heres the list for the theaters showing it in its glorious 70mm roadshow format on December 25th.


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