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Baldwin Collins

This movie surprisingly never had no big commercial advertising . over the months leading-up to it's near summer release. But in my opinion. the trailer's awesome. the movie had two title changes, before the producers settled for it's present one ''into the grizzly maze'' which in my opinion fits the story perfectly. A real horror-thriller fleck. the film stars James Marsden who many fans remember him from the ''X-men movies. The plot is set in a wildeness called ''GRIZZLY MAZE'' a wilderness mostly inhabited by wild-bears.

The bears become an Endangered species when Pouchers are hunting and killing them for profit. Rowan ( James Marsden) returns to his hometown to look-up a friend who once did a good deed to him when he really needed it. after arriving in town, in no time he's involved in a fight over a Girl he just met in the local Bar. In the nick-of - time his brother sheriff Beckitt rescues Rowan from further trouble. and takes him over to his home.

Noticing some photo's of a women. rowan realizes that his brother has married since he's been gone. it turns out, she's a professional Photographer and she's out on her assignment taking pictures somewhere unknown to Beckett. after a short stay, rowan asks Beckitt to drive him to the entrance leading to the Grizzly maze Moutains. Where the plot becomes a little confusing, there's a earlier scene where we see pouchers Just finished slaughter some Bears, and are sharing-up the remains in a Cabin. What we learn later in the film is one of the Pouchers is Johny Cadillac ( Adam Beach) a friend of rowan.

Who has a disagreement with the fellow pouchers who try to kill him by shooting him in the Back, unknown to them the bears mate, attacks the cabin killing them all. nearly all the Characters involved in this story is Mysteriously Guilty in causing the bears to takes revange on any Human Being, Can the sheriff and his crew stop one particular Bear turned predator ? The other cast members turn-in good performances Scott Glenn plays sheriff Sully and Billy Bob-thornton plays Douglas a Bear Tracker and former poucher. The movie was directed by David Hacki However a movie worth seeing if you like the horror Genre.


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