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Stephen Amell may be best know for his role as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow in CW's hit series Arrow, but we know that he won't be taking that role to the big screen. DC has made the decision to keep their TV and cinematic worlds entirely separate, thus keeping Amell on the small screen. However, it seems that if DC doesn't want him in their movies, the star would be happy to join the MCU!

Amell as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
Amell as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

In a recent Facebook Q&A, Amell was asked by a fan if he would like to play a Marvel character as well, he answered in his usual off-hand and entirely honest way:

"Sure, why not? I’m up for roles — movie roles — although I’ve never really read Marvel Comics and I was always a DC guy even before I was a DC guy. But it’s not like if I got offered an awesome Marvel superhero, I’d be like ‘No, I can’t.’"

It's no surprise to fans that he considers himself more of a DC guy – Amell has been reading comics since he was a kid, and even posted photos of himself dressed up as Batman for one Halloween 25 years ago.

How adorable is that?
How adorable is that?

But he's also not the kind of guy to pretend that it's impossible to like both of these comic book giants, or take on the mantle of two different super-characters for them. Personally, I would love to see Amell in the MCU – even if it may be difficult to see him as anyone but Oliver Queen at first! He's an incredible action star and more than capable of pulling off intense fight scenes as well as personal drama, and he has the kind of classic bone structure that just screams "superhero."

Just LOOK at him!
Just LOOK at him!

With the increasing expansion of the MCU into more and more worlds and storylines (and the recent inclusion of Spider-Man!), there are almost unlimited possibilities for Amell fans to imagine.

Nighthawk/Kyle Richmond

With Doctor Strange and The Defenders on the slate, perhaps Amell could take to the skies as Kyle Richmond/Nighthawk. He's got plenty of experience as a playboy-turned-hero, and his arc as an Avengers villain turned Defenders hero would be incredible to watch. His experiences on both large and small screen would also come in handy as a way to bridge the MCU gap between the Netflix series and the films.

Adam Warlock

Another option for the more sci-fi angle that Marvel launched with their blockbuster hit Guardians of the Galaxy would be Adam Warlock. Fans have been wondering when this character would make an appearance since the Infinity Gems started appearing throughout the MCU, and Amell would be a fantastic choice to bring him to life.

Frank Castle/Punisher

A less-connected possibility would be to finally do justice to a fan-favorite who has had many film appearances in the past: Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher. Amell has spent quite a bit of the recent season of Arrow posing as a military man, and there is no doubt in my mind that he could do an incredible job of bringing the vigilante to life.

Could It Really Happen?

Of course, all of this is fan speculation, as there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Amell is actually being considered to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and all he said is that he wouldn't turn it down. Still, speculation is always fun, and with such an incredible superhero-actor, it's easy to see him in any number of roles. His charity work and general attitude would also fit right in with the existing casts, and I can just see him involved in next year's Superbowl betting with Christ Pratt and Chris Evans (even if he's more of a baseball fan, really).

Here's hoping that the higher ups at Marvel can see his potential for a future film!


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