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If you guys have read my other post on how Kilgrave was a redefined super villain on the hit Netflix series, Jessica Jones. Then you understand the point I'm trying to make when I say that Jessica, Kilgrave, and every other character on the show are simply human beings. I have to be honest with you guys, this show has me hooked. I binge watched all 13 episodes and came out of it with a different view on the term "superhero".

But the question all starts with - how can the term "superhero" be redefined especially with Marvel? In the Marvel Universe, we are all used to seeing them powers or talents that are simply unimaginable - such as Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, just to name a few.

It's not exactly an easy answer but creator Melissa Rosenberg had the help of her leading actress - Krysten Ritter who plays the extraordinarily strong, Jessica Jones. With Rosenberg's perfectly casted lead, they were able to rewrite the definition of "superhero". Jessica Jones may someone that was granted super-human strength with the ability to fly but this isn't just about her powers, it's about her humanity that redefines "superhero" but also makes the show absolutely riveting.

Maybe she can stop a car with her bare hands but it's how she handles recovery and the examination of that recovery. For anyone interested, Jessica fell under Kilgrave's (David Tennant) persuasive powers and was forced to commit acts that may be unforgivable, managed to break free.

Yes, Jessica escaped Kilgrave's mind control but she didn't escape his obsession with her. Like many victims of abusive relationships, she is living in fear that he will someday return but that fear does not stop her from trying to help out others who have been affected by Kilgrave.

Although, both Kilgrave and Jessica are more than human, Rosenburg chooses not to touch on the subject that they are super-humans but that they were simply human beings. She uses experiences that can be almost too human for some; it can be something as simple as our own instincts being manipulated by someone with much more power than us.

Jessica Jones gets to more personal and resonant levels, from Kilgrave acting as a predator to Jessica to living in fear that an abuser can come into anyone's life at any point in time. Jessica sought to fight Kilgrave with the help of her friends instead of calling out for the Avengers. After watching the series, I think that Jessica offers a very real and relatable, type of hero that we didn't really expect to see.

Jessica Jones is now streaming on Netflix


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