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Based on some little things I've picked up from CW's The Flash, I've come to the conclusion that Zoom is none other than earth-2 Eddie. This is for a number of reasons that span throughout both seasons and if correct, would make a mind-blowing reveal that would perfectly set up the following episodes, and tie in everything we've seen so far. So firstly I think Eddie is secretly season two's new evil speedster because Eddie is still a recurring part of Iris' life, when really, his memory doesn't have much business in the show this late in the season, unless he was going to be later introduced as an earth-2 doppelganger.

Eddie is clearly no longer a main part of the cast or really a part of the show at all, but on the most recent episode, when reflecting on the last 12 months, Iris subtly expresses her dejection for Eddie's death to where Joe replies, "I miss Eddie too." This most likely didn't have any deeper of a meaning than how it was initially stated, but I couldn't help but wonder if the writers were continuing to reference Eddie's season 1 death as a traumatic event in Iris' life, in a deeper format than how it was projected in this episode. This doesn't necessarily mean that Eddie has to come back as Zoom's alter ego but Eddie's lingering heroic memory would make for a fitting earth-2 counterpart as the terrifying, bloodthirsty new villain that embodies Zoom.

It would also be a compelling moral situation for Iris as her hatred for zoom would now have to weigh against the memory of the man she loved. Similarly in a way Barry is forced to trust Well's counterpart even though Barry originally knew him as the man who killed his mother. As we've seen from the most recent episode, and really the entire second season, it hasn't been easy for Barry to repress his original understanding of Wells, and begin to look to his earth-2 counterpart for guidance.

Rick Cosnett as 'Zoom'
Rick Cosnett as 'Zoom'

So if Eddie's character were truly gone from the series, I don't think the writers would continue to keep the memory of his tragic yet heroic death in the back of our minds for no reason. They'd most likely want to move on from their season 1 success in order to show that they're not living in the past season, but rather generating new and original ideas in the hopes that season 2 can stand on its own.

After all, living in the past was Barry's biggest season 1 problem. Not that has any relevance to my point. I guess what I’m trying to say is that for the sake of originality, I doubt the writers would want to keep a foot in the season 1 door unless they had a good reason to do it. When the writers brought back Linda Park (Barry's season 1 girlfriend) it was to foreshadow the possibility that zoom's identity was most likely a lookalike of an important figure in Barry's life. If that weren’t the case and Zoom was just some random dude hell-bent on terrorizing earth-2 Central City, I doubt we’d ever see or hear from Linda again.

With that being said, the writers want zoom's identity to be a big reveal and what better way to do that than to subtly and continually reference Eddie's heroic death, so that when Zoom's identity is finally revealed as Eddie, our whole understanding of his character flips from Heroic to Villainous in an instant. Now I know this is a bit of stretch given that my evidence (not all of my evidence) is only one line in the episode, but I wouldn't be surprised if in later episodes, Barry, Iris and Joe would further reminisce on Eddie's death just to make his heroism a more prominent memory when he's ultimately revealed as season two's main villain.

"No, heroes die." - Zoom {2x06} - 'Enter Zoom'
"No, heroes die." - Zoom {2x06} - 'Enter Zoom'

Speaking of heroes, in episode 6, Barry rhetorically asked Zoom if he wanted to be the hero, in which zoom simply responded, "No, heroes die." While most viewers interpreted this as an intimidation tactic as well as a way to speak to zoom's demonic charisma, this could also be a reference to Eddie's sacrifice for Barry in season 1, where soon after Eddie's last words to Iris were, "That’s all I wanted, to be your hero."

Based on the pattern the writers continually express with the introduction of big reveals, I can Guarantee that on the episode zoom's identity is revealed, or maybe on the episode before, the writers will cut out a significant amount of time to show how Iris is struggling to move past Eddie's death. Perhaps in a personal conversation with her long lost brother Wally, who made his season two debut last episode.

Given all that happened in season 1, the writers would be fools to not have Joe, Iris, or even Barry fill him on all that happened the year before especially if they want to emotionally develop a bond between Wally and his new family. What better way to form a connection amongst siblings, and essentially find a way to relate to one another (given they don’t know anything about each others lives), than talk about their losses. Wally’s in the midst of losing his mother, the only family he had, and Iris had recently lost the man she had planned to marry. The reveal of Eddie’s counterpart as Zoom could not only set the precedence for a moral Climax for Iris, but also introduce Wally as an empathetic figure looking to help his sister.

This would also be a good way to start Wally on his heroic journey, given it’s his destiny to eventually take on the identity of the Flash. Now before you all start commenting on this post asking why I would expect the characters to reminisce on their recent past if I thought they'd want to limit season 1 references, keep in mind that not only would this be an excellent way to introduce Eddie's evil identity, as well as Wally’s heroic one, but also a good way to develop Wally as an integral member of the west family. The West's suffered a lot in the year before and trying to establish and emotional connection amongst family members is a much more justified situation to reference season 1 than simple conversation over coffee.

Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West: The Flash Season 2
Keiynan Lonsdale as Wally West: The Flash Season 2

Not enough proof? Well let’s look to some evidence outside the boundaries of the show. At the end of season one, the cast list of The Flash had Rick Cosnett signed up as a recurring character rather than a member of the main cast. This was later changed however as Cosnett had stated he left the show entirely for personal reasons.

Nevertheless, there was much speculation regarding the fate of his character given that Eddie Thawne died in season 1 but if that were the case then why would they list him as a character at all? There were also many speculations and fan theories last year that eventually, Eddie would take on a villainous role through Cobalt blue, Barry Allen's twin brother in the comics. Although this never made the final cut in season 1, Cosnett's listing as a recurring cast member, as well as the cobalt blue streaks of lighting following Zoom, its possible that Eddie could now be making his silver screen debut as villain through the true identity of zoom, while still retaining some loyalty to his comic book counterpart. Because lets be honest, as much as true fans of the flash want to see Cobalt Blue’s appearance in the show, it’d be pretty hard to realistically bring his ridiculous backstory to this modern day adaptation.

But hey, I said the same thing about earth-2 but it’s been working out pretty well so far. Although it was stated that Cosnett had left for personal reasons, The Flash’s star Grant Gustin gave reason to believe that there was still chance for Cosnett to return to the show at comic-con about 6 months ago according to ScreenRant when he stated,

"They said when Rick Cosnett was leaving the show, just for personal reasons, there’ll be ways to bring him back. Obviously it’s true. There’s time travel in the show. But yeah, we have a multiverse on the show that anyone who has died can still be on the show." - Grant Gustin

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Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for seeing Zoom turn out to be earth-2 Barry, that would introduce an awesome story and I'd love to see the writers develop a backstory on Barry Allen's turn to evil. Now maybe this is the case and the Eddie references could be nothing or even be a way to introduce earth-2 Eddie as a love interest for Iris, who the writers could later develop as cobalt blue as a possible villain for season 3 who turns evil after Barry and Iris inevitably get together.

As much as I would like for this to be the case, there’s no question that with a body type to match Eddie more that Barry, the cobalt lighting bolts surrounding zoom, and the continuing Easter eggs and references to Eddie's season 1 character, there’s more than enough evidence to show that Cosnett will most likely make his season 2 debut as the demonic antagonist known as Zoom.

What're your guys' theories about Zoom's Identity? Comment below to share all your thoughts and theories.

The Flash returns to the CW on January 19th, 2016.


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