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Endure and Survive..
Kai Nova Jackson

The novel based film places audience engage to the journey of a immigrant ,young, shy and unconfident Irish woman who in the depths of 1950's Brooklyn. Along the way she finds and love while she juggles around a job, education and massive feelings of homesickness. But through the course of the story, there is a great sense of character development given in small fragments, as the young Irish woman learns the basics of surviving in Brooklyn, standing out in a sensual fashion, and perhaps most viewer's most favorite of all: learning how to eat spaghetti..the right way.

In terms of speaking of production, Crowely and the production staff successfully captures and replicates the sight, the public and atmosphere of 1950's Brooklyn, NY. Every exterior shot is captured beautifully and is so convicning, it perhaps would make native Brooklyn folk feel at home, as if they were physically there again. Not to exclude the strong capture of Irish culture in NY. It is those types of scenes in the film that will fiercely trigger your emotions.This sheds a light on the production staff's excellent production work. From the performance we get from the cast, "Brooklyn" proves that you don't need familiar faces to be given such a brilliant performance. Every character stands out in there own way and excels when they gave there moments, whether its humor, lecturing, or sadness. And not to mention, it is no suprise that Saoirse has earned a nomination for a Golden Globe.

"Brooklyn" in a sense, felt more than just a film about romance. It doesn't seem to focus only on the meaning of love and commitment, although those are addressed. It makes a strong statement of overcoming self-doubt, hardship. In result, you will become something bigger than you ever thought possible. All in all, "Brooklyn" succeeds as a brilliant adaption and a film itself.


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