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Ryan Hannigan

Lately I've been feeling really motivated to take my life in a new path. Ive never really been good at "jobs". As cliche as that sounds i know, i just have never really found my place that i fit into. Now I'm not saying I'm lazy and would like to coast by without putting in any work. No. All I'm saying is that I haven't been able to find a career field that really interested me.

About a year ago I started going to local open mic nights at comedy clubs in the area. The absolute rush of getting on that stage for the first time was all i needed to know that that was where i belonged. Ill never forget the very first time i grabbed that mic, the joke being told in absolute silence and as soon as i slammed the period down to the left of the last letter of the punch line the laughter that emerged. I did that. A crowd of strangers grouped together in a room with full focus on me with no reason to be there other then to feel something and forget about their lives, to feel good and happy and for 5 minutes that was my sole purpose to exist. I made those people feel. Feel good even. That was the night i realized right there, on stage with all eyes on me was the happiest i had been in a very long time. There was no feeling quite like it and I knew I needed to pursue that feeling.

My entire life comedy and cinema and everything on either side has been a big part of who i am. Ever since i can remember nothing brought me more joy then A. making people laugh. and B. enjoying stories of all outlets whether it be books, comics, movies or even just listening to peoples stories. been trying to channel those interests into something I can do for a living to really enjoy my life because i refuse to be one of those collar workers who punch in and out of work and go home just to do it over again the next day like zombies. Ive been writing and as of lately have even been looking into auditions and comedy-writing jobs to try and get my foot in the door some where because deep down i know that I'm not one of those mundane doers of what is expected. I am an artist. A recluse with a passion for creating with vast potential and i refuse to let that go to waste working a job that i hate just because it may be safe.

My words to you all are to take risks. Be yourself. If something makes you nervous, good. Be nervous. To me that feeling of anxiety in my stomach and that moment of internalized petrification where you feel as though you can't even move but you just do it anyways breaking down any metaphorical obstacles and just do it. Quit your job, create something. Write something. Draw something. Invent an app. If you have potential never let it go to waste.

My long term goals are to eventually write and preform comedy professionally and I have looked deep within myself and promised that no matter what obstacles come my way ill break them down with a sledgehammer to get to where i want to be. What I'm really saying is that if you have something you love to do, try your best to make it happen. Life is too short to sit at a desk dreaming about what could have been.

My name. Ryan J. Hannigan will be in the credits of something great one day.


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