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Welcome to my DCEU Fan Cast - Part I - Justice League. These are my ideas and thoughts on current castings, alternate castings and completely new potential characters for the DC cinematic universe. Although I tried to make this as original and realistic as possible, some are just straight up dream castings that probably won't happen, but there's much more to come. Let me know what you think!

SUPERMAN // Clark Kent

Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, Immortals, Man from UNCLE)

Cavill's already been cast as Kal El and hes done fantastic so far. He looks the part, can handle extensive action sequences and is young enough to carry the mantle for many years to come. He suits the Universe DC is creating and there is genuinely no one better right now to portray the man of steel. Excellent casting.

BATMAN // Bruce Wayne

Ben Affleck (Argo, Gone Girl, Batman v Superman)

I was on board with this casting since day one. Affleck is perfect for this new Batman, the veteran vigilante seeking his own form of justice. Not to mention his vast knowledge of DC heroes and his world class directing ability, he is a major asset to the DCEU and will be amazing as the new Dark Knight.

WONDER WOMAN // Diana Prince

Gal Gadot (Batman v Superman)

I havent see any of Gadot's work apart from her brief yet promising appearance in BvS, and like most others she is not my first choice for Wonder Woman. There is a lot of good news coming from behind the scenes of the Wonder Woman solo film and all other castings have been exceptional so there's little reason to doubt this one. She has military experience, looks the part and is dedicated to the roll, so i'm looking forward to her portrayal.

Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow, Sicario)

Easily my first choice to portray the Amazonian, Blunt is a classically trained actress proven in all areas of film from big action blockbusters to critically acclaimed dramas. She looks the part, excels in action and can handle the physical demands. Blunt has shown she can lead a movie and potentially take this franchise to the next level. Although i'm fine with the Gadot casting, if I was a WB exec. with a time machine...

THE FLASH // Barry Allen

Ezra Miller (We Need to Talk About Kevin, Perks of being a Wallflower)

Not gonna lie, I was not the biggest fan of this casting to begin with. Barry Allen is my favourite character (next to Hal Jordan) and personally I wanted him to be represented as close to the comics as possible. But the more I see Miller's work and get an idea of his personality it's hard to argue with this casting. Ezra is one of the brightest up and coming actors, i'm sure he can handle the action scenes and fit the tone well, his humour and talent will create an amazing speedster. I just hope he bulks up a little bit and cuts that hair.

Jamie Bell (Turn, Snowpiercer)

Jamie Bell is my first choice alternate casting. I think he could make an amazing version of the Flash, quick witted and friendly yet gritty and tough, Bell could bring much needed comic-relief to this Universe as well as suiting the dark and grounded tone. If it were up to me and Bell were cast, he'd keep his accent and remain English for a bit of cultural diversity but to ultimately suit the character and progression of the DCEU. Not every hero has to be American!


And the nominees for the "Chris Pine has already been cast, now who's left?" award are...

Jake Gyllenhaal (Nightcrawler, Donnie Darko, Prisoners)

Gyllenhaal is a world class actor and the humour, action and gravitas he can bring to the screen will take Hal Jordan to the next level. He can lead a franchise, he attracts more talent to other roles and he's open to playing a superhero, although this casting is completely unrealistic, he would be a great fit.

Taylor Kitsch (The Normal Heart, John Carter, True Detective)

Probably one of the unluckiest actors in comic book film history. Kitsch played Gambit and John Carter superbly yet those films failed due to a poor script and poor marketing respectively. Criminally underrated actor and truly deserves another shot at leading a superhero franchise. Easily the highlight of True Detectie season 2, I think he would be amazing in the buddy-cop GL Corps franchise alongside other lanterns.

AQUAMAN // Arthur Curry

Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Conan, Batman v Superman)

The New 52 version of Aquaman was one of the most badass characters I have ever seen. There is no one better who can pull off the hot-headed Atlantean king. Momoa can turn Aquaman from an internet joke to one of the toughest characters on screen.

CYBORG // Victor Stone

John Boyega (Attack the Block, Star Wars VII)

Nothing wrong with trying to shoehorn in some talent. If Ray Fisher wasn't already cast, i'm sure myself and 95% of other comic fans would be screaming for Boyega to be cast as Cyborg. He lead Attack the Block really well at a young age which proves he can do well in the upcoming Cyborg solo film. He can handle all physical aspects the role requires and especially the mental and emotional side to the character. Not to mention he's in Star Wars which proves he's trusted and respected enough at a young age to carry a massive franchise.

MANHUNTER // Jon Jonzz

Omar Sy (Intouchables, Jurrassic World, X Men DOFP)

Although the language barrier may cause a bit of a problem, Sy is a very emotional actor and can definitely capture that on screen as the Martian. The Manhunter is known for the telepathic non-verbal communication, and his emotional suffering and Sy would do an incredible job capturing that, as well as taking the physical side to arguably DC's most powerful character. He is slowly making himself known to a majority of audiences outside of France with his supporting roles in Hollywood films, and he could really make a name for himself by taking on this role.

GREEN ARROW // Oliver Queen

Travis Fimmel (Vikings, Warcraft)

Fimmel is great as the Viking king, I think he would be perfect to portray Oliver Queen in a way we have yet to see on screen. There are already a few billionaires in DCEU, although Fimmel has the ability to represent the carefree charismatic and enthusiastic side of the character, I think he would be excel far more playing the "Robin Hood" version, the gritty, secluded and volatile version of of the Emerald Archer that we have yet to see on screen.

BLACK CANARY // Dinah Lance

Brie Larson (Room, Short Term 12)

Rising star and one of the most promising up and coming actors. Larson would do a great job adding humour, sincerity, and an amazingly versatile acting ability which would undoubtedly improve upon what the TV version has given us.

ATOM // Ray Palmer

Domhnall Gleeson (Ex Machina, About Time, Star Wars VII)

One of the best actors working today, his vast range and ability would add to any role he plays. He's very likable and intelligent like Palmer himself, but the charisma, compassion, dedication and single-mindedness of his character in Ex Machina would fit Palmer and this tone perfectly.

SHAZAM // Billy Batson

Ty Simpkins (Jurassic World, Insidious, Iron Man 3)

With a film essentially headlined by the villain (Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam) its unnecessary for a big name actor to play the god Shazam. Apart from action scenes, most of the screen time will be divided amongst Black Adam and Billy Batson. Simpkins is one of the best child actors working today, although you would expect it to be easy for a kid to play a kid, the characters hes played have had the childlike wonder and enthusiasm reminiscent in films like the Goonies and would be amazing in the DCEU.

PLASTIC MAN // Patrick O'Brien

Sam Rockwell (Seven Psychopaths, Moon, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind)

Without a doubt THE most underrated actor working today, and to match, a very underrated superhero. Although i would've preferred finding a larger leading role for him within DCEU (maybe Plastic Man could work in JL Dark or Suicide Squad?) there are few characters that have the ability to showcase his versatility, humour and personality. Rockwell would make Mr.Fantastic Plastic Man's b****.

BOOSTER GOLD // Michael Jon Carter

Armie Hammer (Social Network, Man from UNCLE)

He has the looks, the acting and physical ability to take on the roll as shown in all of his major roles. He can capture the shameless ego, humour, humility but overall kindness and good of Booster Gold. Not to mention, I think he could form a fantastic partnership with Skeets voiced by - John Cleese.


Scoot McNairy (Monsters, Argo, 12 Years a Slave)

Despite his minor role in BvS, I think he would be well suited to portray Blue Beetle. His slightly cynical and modest vibe would contrast well with an Armie Hammer's Booster Gold. Versatile and able to handle action, but would mostly thrive in the scientist/espionage side of the character.

VIXEN // Mary McCabe

Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Beyond the Lights, Concussion, Belle)

Mbatha-Raw is another highly rated up and coming actor. Needless to say she has versatility to handle a role like this. Proven to have a decent African accent and would fit well in this role with the ability perform in a supporting and leading role

Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave. Star Wars VII)

Probably my first choice for the role, born in Africa so the accent is nailed, she looks far similar to the character and is more widely known. She has played far more emotional roles which might give her the upper hand when tackling the deeper aspects of Vixen.

RED TORNADO // John Smith

Mathew Goode (Imitation Game, Watchmen)

Very regal and stoic voice that would suit the android much in the same vein as Bettany's voice partnered the Vision. Goode has pretty much mastered the cold, emotionless, almost callous genius in many of his roles and it would lend well to this character, in obviously a more benevolent manner.

VIBE // Francisco Ramone

Luke Pasqualino (Skins, Musketeers, Snowpiercer)

In all honesty, it was hard to find a well known young latino actor who has been in more than a Disney channel TV show, so I opted for a talented and proven actor who at least looks the part. Pasqualino might not suit the tech-geek version like in the Flash TV show, but he would do very well in re-imagining the rebellious new 52 version of Vibe.

STEEL // John Henry Irons

David Gyasi (Interstellar, Cloud Atlas)

Excellent actor, showed what he could do in Cloud Atlas then took it a step further in Interstellar showing in both he can be very powerful and intuitive like this hero. Gyasi would be a fantastic addition in a supporting role in the DCEU.

I have a lot more fan casts I want to do (including the Justice Society, New Gods, JL Dark, Titans, Injustice League, more Heroes and Villains, Directors and much more). I hope you guys enjoyed this fan cast, let me know what you think!


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