ByRyan Hannigan, writer at
Ryan Hannigan

First off I want to say that I overall liked "In the Heart of the Sea". But not in the way that i feel the director, ever so talented and respected Ron Howard had in mind. The movie was very visually entertaining, but when i think of a movie thats enjoyed purely for its visuals and effects i think more of a fast and the furious movie, not one by such a legendary film maker. It kept a steady decent pace with a lot of action and absolutely beautiful effects that in 3D were very impressive. What the movie lacked however was the dialogue and sheer detail that i expected from a film based on the events that inspired arguably the best novel in western english literature.

Though while watching i did feel an incredible bond and immense amounts of empathy of the characters in certain situations. The movie beautifully enthralls the grit and horrors that the men endured in such a hostile environment. The willpower to push forward and the sheer perseverance demonstrated had me on the edge of my seat. I just wish that being based off such a legendary piece of writing it would have captured some dialogue that was a little more gripping.

The movie itself seemed to be too quick, almost like a powerpoint with a multimillion dollar budget. Topics seemed to be touched down on briefly and then another thing would suddenly be happening without much detail in the middle. More time should have been spent developing the characters and less time should have been spent having us sit there and watch then sit in a boat floating out in the abyss.


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