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It's been 32 years since a good Star Wars film but that has changed. The Force Awakens brings forward what the original trilogy did so well and it deleted what the prequels did.

Daisy Ridley for her first big role in a film plays Rey, a scavenger stranded on Jakku. Daisy Ridley steals the show with great acting. She always has the adorable BB-8 on her side who serves as the comedy relieve. This character could of easily been Jar-Jar Binks but the comedy it's been given is just wonderful. John Boyega plays Fin and he nails it with some great chemistry with Daisy Ridley. The villain played by Adam Driver is absolutely wonderful. He's not just Darth Vader 2.0, he has motivations and a tragic backstory and Adam Driver gives his best performance. Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron is great, he's a confident pilot with a great sense of humour, I was afraid going in that he would just be another Han Solo type character but he wasn't. Poe Dameron had some Han Solo moments but he also has his own fun personality. I just wish he could of been in the movie more but I think that will change in episode 8. Without spoiling anything, Lupita Nyong'o's character is great. Harrison Ford has aged 30 years since we last saw him dawning his scruffy looking vest but when he portrays the character he isn't a grumpy old man anymore but Han Solo and that is absolutely wonderful. Carrie Fisher is just okay in the movie, her acting isn't top notch but you can't blame the movie for that since the fan's would of brandished their pitch forks at Disney if she wasn't in the film but otherwise she has a good relationship with Han. I am not going to talk about Luke of course since this is a spoiler free review.

The film is never boring it always has a fast pace which is great but some things could have been explained a little bit better. The real explosions, real sets and the animatronic creatures really help this movie feel real and less like the CGI filled prequels. There are two characters that are really all CGI and one of those characters works very well but the other has a couple scenes and it sort of takes you out of the film. The new Starkiller base is okay but you don't feel like it's that dangerous and it seems pretty weak. The First Order is good and the Stormtrooper outfits look great and they really cranked up the Nazi Symbolism. The climax is good and sad but the best part of the final battle was Kylo Ren. Domnhall Gleeson plays a Grand Moff Tarkin type character and he really pulls it off. There is one sequence that involves CGI aliens and smugglers which I felt was totally unnecessary and I didn't enjoy it. The comedy in the movie is really great and almost never falls flat.

I can just say that the film was great and when the movie started and when the movie ended, people cheered.

-Moses Ochs


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