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Back in 2003, actor Will Ferrell starred in Elf as Santa's little helper Buddy, an adult elf who is transported from the North Pole to New York, where he finds himself out of his depth amidst the festive cheer as he searches for his real father. Remind yourself of the Christmas classic with the trailer here:

Yet, appearing on Jimmy Fallon the other day to promote his new movie Daddy's Home, Ferrell was more preoccupied with stepping into the shoes of the Big Guy himself – Santa Claus – with a modern twist! Introducing himself on the show, the actor said:

"Look braah! The Kris Kringle we grew up with is old and lame. Dude looks like someone's weird grandpa! Kids today are demanding a new, hipper, more badass Santa Claus so err, you're welcome!"

Boasting a hip new haircut, a tech-savvy ear-piece and a t-shirt gun, trendy Santa also admitted that he doesn't travel with reindeer anymore:

"It's not my style [...] Bro, this is 2013, get with the prog. It's the year of the drone!"

And the fun festivities didn't end there, he also made it his prerogative to bring some new age Christmas cheer to the studio audience, by sitting on their laps and asking them what they wanted as presents! Here is he is giving Jimmy a jolly lap dance:

And the celebration didn't end there because ultimately Ferrell wanted you to know that "the greatest gift of all is the gift of song," before sharing the sweet tunes of Smash Mouth's 'All Star' with us all.

Watch the clip in full below:

Oh Will, you're just the gift that keeps on giving!



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