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WARNING: This list is HOT HOT HOT! (Nothing better for the winter months)

With 2015 coming to a close and the massive trend for ginger celebrities, I have compiled a list of the hottest movie star Redheads of 2015, both male and female. Warning some of these are red hot, please take care not to get burned.

Bryce Dallas Howard: Jurassic World

Her hair and killer curves are what make this lady one of the best role models in movies. She often wears red lipstick against her red hair- hot, hot, hot! And she is notorious for playing intelligent dominating women- which only adds to her appeal with men and is the most talked about actress on RedHeadDates.

Located off the coast of Costa Rica, the Jurassic World luxury resort provides a habitat for an array of genetically engineered dinosaurs, including the vicious and intelligent Indominus rex. When the massive creature escapes, it sets off a chain reaction that causes the other dinos to run amok.

Emma Stone: Irrational Man

A natural blonde, it was thought that no-one would take her seriously in Superbad if she kept her golden locks, so they died her hair red- and she looked gorgeous. With the sexy side fringe, coupled with her husky voice and piercing green eyes, this actress is sex on legs!

A tormented philosophy professor (Joaquin Phoenix) considers murdering a corrupt judge to find meaning in his life.

Kate Mara: Fantastic Four

The foreseeable future seems bright for the 32-year-old actress who comes across the screen as not only sophisticated but sexy which trumps stupid and slutty any day of the week. While some men prefer the latter, intelligent men will always take the former.

Transported to an alternate universe, four young outsiders gain superhuman powers as they alter their physical form in shocking ways. Reed Richards becomes Mr. Fantastic, able to stretch and twist his body at will, while pal Ben Grimm gains immense strength as the Thing. Johnny Storm becomes the Human Torch, able to control and project fire, while his sister Sue becomes the Invisible Woman.

Scarlett Johansson: Avengers: Age Of Ultron

When your first name is Scarlett, it only makes sense for you to dye your hair red at some point in your life. So it's no surprise that Scarlett Johansson pulls off this deep auburn look and makes her green eyes pop with the vibrant red color.

When Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) jump-starts a dormant peacekeeping program, things go terribly awry, forcing him, Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and the rest of the Avengers to reassemble. As the fate of Earth hangs in the balance, the team is put to the ultimate test as they battle Ultron, a technological terror hell-bent on human extinction.

Michael Fassbender: Macbeth

Michael Fassbender is a German–Irish actor of stage and screen whose career includes roles in both independent and blockbuster films.

After murdering King Duncan (David Thewlis) and seizing the throne, Macbeth (Michael Fassbender) becomes consumed with guilt and paranoia as the tyrannical ruler of Scotland.

Rupert Grint: Moonwalkers

Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint is an English actor who rose to prominence playing Ron Weasley, one of the three main characters in the Harry Potter film series.

In 1969 London, a CIA agent (Ron Perlman) and the manager (Rupert Grint) of a rock band must find a way to fake the moon landing.

David Wenham: Force Of Destiny

David Wenham is an Australian actor who has appeared in movies, television series and theater productions.

A journey of love on a transplant waiting list.

Damian Lewis: Queen Of The Desert

Damian Watcyn Lewis, OBE (born 11 February 1971) is an English actor and producer. He is best known for portraying U.S. Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody in the Showtime series Homeland, which earned him a Prime time Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

Gertrude Bell's life as an explorer, cartographer, and archaeologist for the British Empire.


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