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Sex sells. Although this statement requires a response like 'no shit, Sherlock,' it doesn't stop us from being drawn towards a movie with kinky content. Why? Because we're perves, duh. Now, tell us something we don't know.

Well, a recent study has done just that. A team of researchers at Dr. Ed's has rooted through 1,225 movie scripts of films made between 1925 to 2015, to unearth every sex-related term and thus discover which films refer to sex the most. Their findings are interesting and pretty surprising, and, from someone that spends debatably too much time writing about celebs and their awkward AF on-screen sexy times, that's saying something.

Here are the main four points taken from the study: 'Sex on Film: Talking About Sex in the Movies'

1. Barbossa, you minx

With an average of 35.6 'sexual mentions' (meaning words and phrases like: intercourse, lovemaking, making love, slept with, get laid, and hook up) per movie, apparent sauce-pot Geoffrey Rush leads the pack of actors talking about sex in film. Captain Barbossa is closely followed by Tom Wilkinson, Michael Cera, Leslie Mann and Seth Rogen.

2. "He hath eaten me out of house and home"

Further evidence, if needed, that Shakespeare was nothing but pure filth.

The 1998 romantic comedy Shakespeare in Love surprisingly ranks the highest for most sex-related terms mentioned in a movie with a grand total of 147. That's ONE HUNDRED AND ONE times more than American Pie! Mind = blown.

Runners up are: Anonymous (145), From Dusk Till Dawn (80), Punch Drunk Love (67) and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (63)

3. If ROFL was literal, and a bit dirty.

If there was ever any doubt that comedies would be at the top for genre which gabs about sex the most (28.10%), just cast your mind back to the scene in which Jason Biggs bones that apple pie and try not to pass out with cringe induced lols.

4. 2011 a.k.a The Year of the Perve

This study analyzed movies over a 90-year period, with the mid-'90s beginning the incline of sexual mentions (which is hardly surprising seeing as that point in time gave us Wild Things and Cruel Intentions). However, in 2011, references soared. Could this be because there were more films made collectively? Or could this be the moment Hollywood finally worked out what we really wanted? Theories in the comments please!

Also, as a convenient side note, most of the films analyzed are available for streaming on Netflix. So... yay?

Read more about the project.

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