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Jedi SpiderDad takes on the Star Wars Troopers

With all the hype of Star Wars at the moment. Everyone is putting in their little tributes towards the latest film, Star Wars The Force Awakens. Performed and Edited by Mike Wilson, "The SpiderDad" took it upon himself to fight the evil Storm Troopers of the Dark Side.

Jedi SpiderMan
Jedi SpiderMan

Mike created this video to honor the film released today in the cinemas. But with his natural twist on things. The Marvel Web Slinger against the dark side of the Storm Troopers. A lot of preparation went into this short 20 second video clip, ranging from the location selection, organizing visual effects shots and timing. The VFX shots were very time consuming as these elements to the video needed to be right to look the best it can. Ultimately the more real it looks, the better right?

Early in the month, Mike created a Star Wars themed Parenting Tips video, which is the new series on YouTube, using visual effects with his son. Check out the video below:

To watch the Star Wars | "Jedi SpiderMan vs Storm Troopers" video, head over to The SpiderDad Facebook page.

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