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When the news of Fear the Walking Dead, a companion series to the wildly popular AMC series The Walking Dead, was announced, the first thought on many peoples minds was the possibility of a crossover. However due to the fact that the two series have a huge time jump between them, many have accepted that it might be a tricky endeavor to pull off -- but is it impossible? Well one of the stars of Fear the Walking Dead doesn't seem to think so.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Kim Dickens who plays Madison Clark in Fear the Walking Dead, has revealed that she would be totally "game" for a crossover with The Walking Dead. She told the website:

I think we were just sort of led to believe early on that there was no crossover - it was a little bit different time period, a different story, different location, different characters, But I don't think it's anything that's out of the question. I'm sure the writers would do it in a fantastic way, but I have no idea if they're going to do it. I would be game for it!

Of course, Dickens statement is in no way a confirmation of a future crossover, and in fact it would be pretty hard for Fear the Walking Dead to have some sort of crossover in Season 2. When Season 1 ended the group had regrouped at the mysterious Strand's house, ready to board his yacht "Abigail," indicating that much of the next season will take place on the sea. But while it might be hard to crossover in the coming season, would it be possible at all? Well, maybe. Here are some possible scenarios in which a crossover could work:

Time (and space) jumps

Abigail the yacht in Fear the Walking Dead
Abigail the yacht in Fear the Walking Dead

As fans will know, The Walking Dead series is not afraid of a few time jumps every now and then. In fact, following the end of Season 2, the show jumped forward close to nine months by the time Season 3 began. So, a crossover might be possible if Fear the Walking Dead combined a significant time jump with a location change. It already looks as though Fear is on the move, sailing the seas, so perhaps a location change to the east coast in the future might be on the cards?

Morales family

This theory is the big one that crossover hopefuls will be putting their support behind. Way back in Season 1 of The Walking Dead we met the character Morales, who was part of the Atlanta survivors camp, along with his wife and 2 kids. When Rick and the rest of the gang decided to leave their campsite and make their way to the CDC, the Morales family left the group in the hopes of making it to Birmingham, Alabama to find relatives. Since Season 1 we've heard absolutely nothing from the Morales family, raising hopes that they could still be alive and kicking somewhere in the US. Could they pop again at some point in Fear the Walking Dead?


Ah yes, the Morales of Fear the Walking Dead. Tobias was the kid who was smarter than anyone else at the start of the outbreak, but who unfortunately looked the least likely to survive. Tobias was last seen in episode 2 of Fear, much to the annoyance of fans who had grown fond of the wise-beyond-his-years kid. So, with his fate left ambiguous, could we possible expect to see Tobias one day stroll into Alexandria? I'm not saying it's likely, but stranger things have happened -- after all this is a TV show about a zombie apocalypse, right?

'Fear the Walking Dead' is expected to return to AMC in Summer 2016

Source: Digital Spy


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