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Are you a huge fan of The Walking Dead? What about Pokemon? If so, have you ever envisioned what it would be like to see these two shows, which both deal with the very similar themes of battle and survival, mashed together? Well, you're in luck!

Youtube subscriber 'The Mocking Dead' has recently uploaded a video which shows how an iconic fight scene from The Walking Dead would play out if we added just a splash of style from the classic Pokemon games.

Nostalgia and modern pop culture in one video: perfect! Have a look below and let me know what you think.

The battle!

To start us off we see something familiar to any fan of The Walking Dead, as team-Rick race to face-off against the impending invasion of The Governor and his newly-amassed forces.

This is followed by a moment all-too familiar to fans of the classic Pokemon games. Surely we've all seen this play-out more than we're comfortable admitting. The Governor wants to fight!

The survivors send in their main fighter: Rick. Tried and tested, Rick used to be unsuited for these brawls, but over the seasons he's evolved into something frightening!

The Governor gets in the first attack... it's super effective!

Then the fight really gets interesting, as Rick uses his strongest attacks against The Governor.

But The Governor returns the favor, responding with a vicious attack or two.

Ultimately a new fighter is needed to finish the battle: Michonne.

All's well that ends well! One swift cut and we're all richer for the experience.


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