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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Oh, she got revenge alright! The Hotel Cortez was a place of death and despair in this episode of American Horror Story... so what else is new? Here's a quick recap of episode 10, 'She Gets Revenge'.

Check out some cool little details you may have missed in this week's American Horror Story: Hotel episode...

1. The Ghost of Theda Bara

When Iris compares Liz Taylor to 'the ghost of Theda Bara,' her comment is quite apt. Bara was a glamorous yet melancholic figure who starred in around 40 silent movies before 1926. Most of her films are lost, leaving only her haunting images behind: certainly in-keeping with the wistful faded glory of the Cortez!

2. Cheekbones for Days

When Donovan boasts to Valentino 'I have cheekbones for days', this is a reference to one of the first AHS: Hotel episodes where the Countess drops this immortal compliment about him...

3. Addiction's a Bitch

Did you catch that little flash of the drill-bit dildo Addiction Demon in this episode? He flickered into view when Sally was ranting at John Lowe in the bedroom and we can expect more of him. The picture above is a screenshot from the promo for episode 11, 'Battle Royale', which you can view below.

4. Pedro

When Liz Taylor's son says, 'I really learned something when Pedro died on The Real World,' he was referring to reality TV show participant Pedro Zamora, who died of AIDS-related complications in 1994. His death was a pivotal moment for LGBT*Q rights in the public consciousness.

5. My son, my son, what have you done?

You may have noticed the stand-out theme of this week's episode; sons. Liz's son Douglas, Iris's son Donovan and finally, John Lowe's son, Holden. Some of these sons and parents have a happier time than others...

In case you were wondering about the musical choices in this week's episode, I've created a Spotify playlist for every song featured. I'll be adding to it every week as the series goes on.

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