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Ben Turner

She can't stop and she won't stop – and that's why I love her ever so.

Miley has teamed up with Plastik for yet another boundary-pushing photoshoot. Miley will appear on four limited edition covers of the magazine, and two have now been released.

In one of the pictures, Miley is completely wrapped in saran plastic cling film, very much keeping in theme with the name of the publication. The 'Bangerz' musician even looks like she's eating a massive chunk of it.

In Miley's Instagram post of her the photo, she added the caption: "Devil without a cause I'm going plastik!!!!!" which is a reference to Kid Rock's super successful album.

It seems pop culture's bad girl just can't be tamed, and this is particularly evident in the other released cover with Smiley sporting a scrumptious eye patch and matching pasties set.

I actually really like the photos and think they're a bit less intense and provocative, compared to her CANDY shoot.

At this point in the game, I think the general public is becoming so used to, or even desensitized to, Miley's provocative images that they're just starting to look expectedly normal.

Anyway, it looks like Miley had a great time doing this photoshoot, and the images we have stand on their own feet as genuinely good photos, as well as a provocative celebrity shoot.

My suggestion for Miley, if she really wants to break the Internet again, would be to rock up to an awards ceremony or partake in a photo shoot wearing a turtleneck and an ankle length skirt.

The shock of said outfit would surely send a few disbelieving tremors across the terrain of social media.

Now we just have to sit tight for the other two covers to be released.


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