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He's walked the red carpet with a paper bag over his head, dealt with a shocking rape case as part of , and reflected on his entire career in a cinema hall for . And last week, Shia LaBeouf took it even further with his four-day live performance at the Foundation of Art and Creative Technology in Liverpool, England.

The ambitious art project, named , encouraged people to call in and engage with the Transformers star as two members of his collective typed frantically away, documenting every word that was spoken.

And what was the purpose? To be 'moved' by the exercise, vowing to get the words that touched him most tattooed on his body at the end of the marathon.

Shia LaBeouf in Liverpool
Shia LaBeouf in Liverpool

Over the course of the four days, thousands of people called in to try to touch Shia's soul, as crowds wandered in to witness the spectacle. However, it was just one line that emerged from a brief conversation with a caller from Egypt who made the final cut. The caller had said:

"I’m touching your soul from Egypt. This. The connection. This is feeling. I feel. I feel it. I don’t need to be there with you now. I feel it. I’m smiling. You. Now. Wow. I feel it."

And, although the following sentiment has now been forever etched into Shia's precious skin, this mystery caller wasn't the only one to strike a chord with the actor. In fact, it was a local 10-year-old girl who actually managed to bring him to tears!

"Shia started welling up"

Amelia Poggenpoel attended the FACT exhibition with her mom Tor, who somehow managed to get through to Shia via the phone while in the same room as him. Speaking to the Liverpool ECHO later, Tor said:

“I started talking about Amelia and how proud I am of her and how sometimes I don’t feel that she’s loved enough. I don’t always have attention to give to her when I’m at work or if I’m tired. I got quite emotional talking about it and they then realized I was in the room with them. They took their headsets off and Shia started welling up."

Amelia's mom told Shia that her daughter had an incredible voice, and wondered if she could sing for him, to which he enthusiastically agreed.

As the little girl began to sing a rendition of Jackson 5's 'Who's Loving You,' she blew everyone away with her mad vocal skills. Thankfully, a lucky bystander was able to capture the touching moment on camera so that the whole world didn't feel left out. Johanna Ayoub later posted the video online, and relayed her experience, saying:

“Her voice was amazing. It’s really powerful and beautiful. Obviously Shia, as an artist, was looking for a moment like this. He was so happy. It blew his mind and he just cried.”

Apparently, Shia was so emotional that he gave the talented little lady a hug!

Here's the full clip of Amelia's performance:



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