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Oh Netflix, we love you but you truly are a beautiful beast. So many countless hours have we wasted scrolling through your endless suggestions, so much content, so many options. And then, when we eventually decide, settle down and seriously get our (literal) chill vibes on, you go and shame us with notifications to remind us how many hours we've wasted. How dare you?

Well, thankfully there are ways around your tricksy ways. Here are six of the greatest Netflix hacks that will only benefit your binge.

1. Stream shame saviors

If you fall asleep whilst watching Netflix, these socks aim to save your place before the message of shame crops up. Yeah, so you might have to be handy with electrical's and a soldering iron to whip a pair of these bad boys up, but when you do, you'll never have to rewind an episode again. Apparently.

2. Tinder for Netflix

Kind of like bad first dates, how much time have you wasted starting a film or TV series on Netflix to soon discover it's a big bag of balls? Well, balls be gone! This brilliant Enhancer app connects with review sites Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB so the next time you scroll over something with viewing potential you can judge before you click. Huzzah!

3. Baggage free bingeing

Remember when Chat Roulette was a thing? Well this is kind of like that but with less unwelcome peen. Flix Roulette assesses your interests and then suggests shows it thinks you'll love. There's also a keyword search so you can narrow down your search options, a.k.a. watch Shia's back catalogue with little to no effort. Win!

4. Don't give up your day job

No, this doesn't turn all characters into instant chipmunks, and whilst that's an app I need in my life, Helium is debatably just as good if not better. This add on means that you can binge on New Girl (or whatever your heart desires) whilst simultaneously doing other stuff... like working, for example. Basically, it puts your program in a window which will never be swamped underneath others, meaning no matter how many windows you have open your show is always top of the pile.

5. L8ers, buffering

You're in the midst of a good Netflix session and then old Buffering von Buzzkill raises his ugly circling face and makes you want to chuck your laptop out the window. Well, ciao to that. Whilst playing an episode, simply hold down Shift+Opt (Shift+Alt for Windows, or on Chrome, Ctrl+Shift+Alt/Opt+S) and left click to open up a "hidden" menu (called the Stream Manager), there you will find all the tools to bid that beast adieu.

6. Thanks, internet <3

Ok, so not necessarily a hack, but every little helps, right? This little 'best of' Reddit treasure is full of lesser known recommendations to help you sift through the shit.


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