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If you prefer your Christmas films a little darker, and a little more twisted, then The Nightmare Before Christmas is sure to be on your festive list.

You may feel that you've heard all the trivia. You may have watched it a hundred times. After all, it was released 22 years ago (believe it or not!). However, CineFix has released a video highlighting some quirky facts about Tim Burton's film that'll make you stop. Motion. (Sorry).

Relive the magic of a dark Christmas by watching the video above, and then check out the 7 facts below:

1. The Little Mermaid Was Crucial in Getting the Film Made

Way before his successful directing career, Tim Burton worked at Disney as an animator, storyboard artist and concept artist. During his time there, he worked on feature animations such as Tron (1982), The Fox and the Hound (1981) and The Black Cauldron (1985). None of his concept art made it to final productions.

During his time at Disney, he wrote a poem that provided the framework for the character of Jack. Things didn't work out at Disney for Burton, but he found success away from the company. For years he was pitching the idea for The Nightmare Before Christmas with no luck.

However, the success of the Little Mermaid injected a newfound enthusiasm for animation, which paved the way for Disney supporting the project.

2. Burton Didn't Direct, But Provided the Concept Art

Despite years of planning, Burton couldn't direct due to a busy schedule, and Henry Selick took the reigns instead.

However, that's not to say Burton had little influence. The style itself oozes Burton's trademark gothic feel, and some of the scenes are even identical to his early sketches.

3. The Melting Man Was... Melted

Rather than using CGI, to achieve the melting effect of the character, the production team used a hairdryer to melt the model. Mind. Blown.

4. Zero's Body Was Made of Lead

Although the Ghost dog's head was a standard puppet head, his body was made of the metal to achieve the floating effect required.

5. The Voice Actor for Santa Was Changed, Despite Vincent Price Recording Everything

This one is actually really sad. Far from Price providing a subpar recording, his omission from the film is much more tragic; he'd recently lost his wife, and director Henry Selick felt that the sadness he felt was audible in his voice.

Therefore, Edward Ivory was drafted in and provided the voice you can hear in the final cut.

6. The Clouds in the Film Were Made of Cotton

I'd cottoned on to this a long time ago, had you?

7. Although Disney Distanced Themselves From the Film, Mickey Mouse Still Makes a Subtle Appearance

Cheeky Selick. Although Disney wasn't too pleased about the references, the director still managed to sneak in two of them.

Although you could argue the toy is only loosely based on the character, when we catch a glimpse of her dress we can clearly see Mickey's smiling mug on proud display.

You can watch the full video below:

Source: CineFix


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