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“What are men to rocks and mountains?” - Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Game of Thrones character Gregor Clegane is no man by an ordinary measure.

Gregor Clegane, known by most as The Mountain, because well... simply marvel at the size of him.

Marvel, but also take caution...

Bit o' eyeball poppin' action
Bit o' eyeball poppin' action

The staple Game of Thrones character bolsters an absolutely jaw-dropping physique, being made of pure muscle and standing at 6ft9. It's almost as if Icelandic athlete turned actor Hafþór Júlíus "Thor" Björnsson was born to play the role.


Although Thor was always in shape, he definitely wasn't always of the size he is today. Here are some photos that trace the ex-basketball player's physical transformation, evolving from The Hill to The Mountain.

The Slim Guy in his early 20s

The Turning Point

The Mountain is starting to emerge
The Mountain is starting to emerge

Thor Today

It's absolutely astounding to see this kind of physical transformation that takes years of intense training, unwavering diligence and consistent focus.

Thor's achievements show us that nothing is insurmountable.


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