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There were a ton of great TV shows produced throughout 2015, but ya know what? Sometimes new can just never quite beat old. Take a look back through some of the best TV reunions to have been shared on Instagram throughout 2015, and let me know your favorite in the comments:

Full House

One more for the road- #FullerHouse @bobsaget @johnstamos @melissacoulier @jodiesweetin @dcoulier @loriloughlin #Maks #leftshark

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There were numerous Full House reunions this year, and they were made all the sweeter by the news that Netflix had approved a sequel series titled Fuller House! The new series will premiere in February and will feature an appearance by almost the entire original cast, except for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

That '70s Show

Three woes walk into a bar... #Family

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Kelso (Ashton Kutcher), Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) and Hyde (Danny Masterson) of That '70s Show proved they were still indeed just hanging out down the street when they held a mini-reunion just days ago and posted a few snaps for all us fans to see. Can you believe that show finished almost 10 years ago and debuted way back in 1998?!

Lizzie McGuire

So this happened last night... #LizzieMcGuire

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Way back in April the cast of Disney's Lizzie McGuire made our hearts soar when Hilary Duff, Lalaine and Jake Thomas, a.k.a. Lizzie, Miranda and Matt reunited in a bowling alley for this snap. Then, weeks later Lalaine posted another great snap when she cozied up to Adam Lamberg a.k.a. Gordo. It's been over 10 years since Lizzie McGuire ended but it's so awesome to see the cast still so tight with each other.

Double #Tbt (Left: Circa 2002, Right: Last weekend)

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Phil of the Future

happy thanksgiving y'all

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Phil of the Future may have only been on the air for two seasons in the mid-2000s, but it's still a much loved Disney channel show for many. So when Phil and Pim themselves popped up together on Instagram for a Diffy family reunion the Internet let out a collective squee of happiness.

One Tree Hill

After working together for almost an entire decade, it's no surprise to see that the cast of One Tree Hill still love hanging out together. However, the one thing that they didn't have back in 2003 (which is when the show started if you can believe it) was the ability to share their reunions on Instagram. Ah technology, you do spoil us!

Gilmore Girls

It's happening! #gilmoregirls #reunion @atxfestival

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One of my favorite TV reunions of 2015 was the cast of Gilmore Girls, who reunited at the ATX Festival back in June. Almost the entire cast was on hand to take part in a panel about the show, and there was even an empty chair left on stage for the late Edward Herrmann (Richard Gilmore) who died in 2014.


Part 2| The whole OG Victorious Squad. Onesie style.

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Another recent Christmas reunion was the cast of Nickelodeon's Victorious, who apparently all got to together to show off their best onesies -- looks like a good time to me!


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