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Karly Rayner

Vin Diesel dropped the news that there is a new Pacifier movie in the pipeline like it ain't no thang in his typical casual style on Facebook this Tuesday, and he seems totally serious about returning to the creche.

If the ridiculous capers of a Marine left in charge of a bunch of kids while on an undercover operation have slipped your mind, check out the trailer below to remind yourself.

Look how young Vin looks!

Although the majority of the video is about an in-development origin story for Riddick, Diesel also drops a tiny little nugget of info about a possible Pacifier 2 movie, the Furious 7 star explained:

"You know that I'm producing Fast 8 next year. You know that I'm about to go start shooting xXx. Some of you may know that Disney is -- at my little angels' request -- writing the next Pacifier. All of you know that James Gunn is in Atlanta right now, about to film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Who could I be talking to?"

You can find out just who Diesel's special guest is in the video below, listen carefully for the Pacifier mention at the beginning!

While the IMDB page for The Pacifier might only boast a paltry 5.5, it would be awesome to see Vin have another crack at comedy again.

Anyone that follows his Facebook page knows that the charismatic 48-year-old is hell of a funny guy, and now that his acting has matured too, I'd love to see him bringing the lols in the cinema.



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