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The Rock's baby has finally finished cooking and the actor's long term girlfriend Lauren Hashian has given birth to a healthy baby girl.

The couple's first child together arrived on Wednesday 16 December and the proud parents couldn't be happier. A source close to Johnson told People magazine that:

"Both Mom and Dad are over the moon; Christmas definitely came early!"

Just last week, Lauren shared an emotional post about how awe inspiring the process of creating a life has been along with the adorable snap of The Rock lovingly cradling her heavily pregnant stomach below:

The gleeful image was captioned by both parents who didn't hesitate to add some humor to the heartfelt messages with a strong hashtag game. Lauren wrote:

"I know I'm late to the party... Sometimes life gets full and busy in the best ways :)... So grateful and in awe of this time. To experience creating a little life is just incredible. This beautiful cycle of life and womanhood beginning again. And like Big Daddy says - Couldn't be prouder of all the kickass women she's going to have around her! And Men of course ;).. =20lbBaby"
The Rock and Lauren attend the Oscars.
The Rock and Lauren attend the Oscars.

After reposting the image on his own Instagram, The Rock celebrated his joy at having a baby daughter and it looks like he is already standing by ready to smash any preconceptions people may have about his new daughter because of her gender. He wrote:

"I was raised by and live with amazing and strong women, so the universe felt we needed one more... IT'S A BABY GIRL!! THANK YOU guys so much for the awesome support and love you've sent @laurenhashianofficial and myself from around the world. We're so grateful for this blessing and thrilled to share the news with y'all.


The press hasn't released any details on the name of the baby yet, but below I've thought of some titles that would be fitting for her rocky heritage.


It might mainly be associated with roof tiles and old people's gardens covered in cat poop, but Slate is a pretty gorgeous rock with added positive connotations. Could the new baby be a new slate for the proud parents?


This sedimentary or tectonic rock is composed of fragments of other rocks, which considering the biology of making a baby, seems oddly appropriate. It kind of sounds like a Hunger Games version of Becky and I'm down with that.


This naturally forming volcanic glass not only comes in a range of oil slick colors (along with jet black), but it was also the material used to make Aztec and Mayan blades. The edges of this deadly weapon were made of obsidian which produces an edge sharper than steel razor blades. Seems appropriate for the daughter of The Rock!


Minette might not have a show stealing appearance, but it would make a beautiful girls name and it also happens to be one of the rarest rocks on the planet.

Or you know, they could just call her Mary or something!

Whatever they choose to name the new arrival, Moviepilot sends huge congratulations to the new parents!

(Source: Hello Giggles)


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