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At some point in your life, I bet you've received a present at Christmas time that's totally bewildered you. Right? What on earth possessed your Auntie to buy that horrible handmade sweater, and why did she think that would be the ideal gift for you?! This is the concept loosely explored in Deathly Presents, the brand new festive short horror film from the UK based Bloody Cuts team.


A family gather around the tree on Christmas Eve… but a strange noise upstairs and a creepy new present amongst the gifts heralds the arrival of a sinister threat. The Bloody Cuts team disbanded in 2014, but have come back from the dead with a frightful Christmas cracker of a festive catastrophe, which stars Oliver Ebsworth, Sian Breckin, Fergus Rattigan and Jonah Russell.

Unwrap 'Deathly Presents' for yourself, if you dare.

And if you enjoyed Deathly Presents, check out more of horrifying goodness here. Keep your ears, eyes and face peeled for more short tales of terror returning in 2016!

Happy Christmas one and all!


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