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Despite the fact that she looks like she has been cosplaying as an acid trip for the past couple of years, Miley Cyrus has revealed to Paper Magazine that she has never slipped a tab of the psychedelic drug onto her iconic tongue.

In a set of photos that look the work of someone who has shrooms on toast with a Mescaline shake for breakfast for Paper Magazine, Miley explained:

“I was so sober, I painted myself pink to enjoy a slice in my fairy garden. I’ve never tried any psychedelics, but I’m not against it. LOL. The very small people you see in the bottom right frame are actually just shrunken reflections of my inner self."

And, because I'm sure you're curious to see the bizarre scene that Miley is describing in the paragraph above, here's the picture itself in all it's inexplicably shower capped, pink armed glory.

Although she might not have been popping buttons of Peyote on the regular, poor Miley seems to be a bit confused about what constitutes a psychedelic drug.

As someone who claims to be somewhat of a cannabis connoisseur, Miley should probably know that her beloved Mary Jane is the world's most commonly used psychedelic...

Not to mention that time she was filmed honking Salvia out of a bong on her 18th birthday!

All I can say is that if this is Miley on relatively soft drugs, she should probably stay away from the totally trippy stuff to prevent her getting a tie dye facial tattoo or something.

(Source: Dlisted)


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