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Now, there are a lot of actors out there who you wouldn't want to make angry - and not just a CGI-fueled Mark Ruffalo. As a group, after all, they do tend to have experience in martial arts, boxing and self-defense - the byproduct of decades of varied professional experience. Now, sure, the vast majority of performers are peaceable sorts, who surely wouldn't hurt a fly in anger - but if you did, somehow, make them angry enough to attack you, the chances that, say, Jennifer Lawrence or Adam Driver could beat the snot out of any one of us are pretty high.

And now imagine how it would feel to have the guy who played Bane be super mad at you, on a film set featuring a large number of blunt weapons.

That, after all, is how it seems a whole lot of folks on the set of Alejandro González Iñárritu's The Revenant must have felt, after...

Tom Hardy Was Forced to Drop Out of 'Suicide Squad', and He Wasn't Happy About it

Y'see, back at the start of 2015, Hardy was forced to drop out of filming DC's Suicide Squad - a decision he recently revealed to Variety was the result of The Revenant's production being delayed by a lack of snow in Canada.

Hardy... wasn't thrilled:

"Was I bummed? Of course I was. I hate fucking losing work. I kept bemoaning that they were losing me significant money on a daily basis."

Which you would imagine was probably mildly terrifying for the crew of the movie, seeing as they would have found themselves sharing a bitterly cold Canadian winter with an already intimidating - and now moderately livid - Hardy. Indeed, as he noted, the frustration "was good for my character".

Which kind of makes it sound like he used the anger of missing out on playing Suicide Squad's Rick Flagg to bring an extra layer of his trademark terrifying intensity to his role in The Revenant. Which is a) extremely impressive, and the mark of a deeply committed actor, and b) intimidating-sounding as hell.

After all - the guy was Bane, for crying out loud. Would you really want to see him be even more intimidating than usual?

Well, it sounds like it might be worth checking out The Revenant to find out...

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