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Now, what with movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe tending to be shrouded in an impermeable cloak of iconic mouse enforced secrecy, we've long since grown used to making do with whatever scraps of information we can garner from the fringes of upcoming projects. Unlike, say, an un-heralded indie drama, with which you could most likely tweet at the director and ask for plot details, and be gladly obliged, the MCU is - necessarily, and ultimately happily - a place of murk and mystery.

Except, of course, when it isn't, and key creative figures go right ahead and reveal huge plot or casting details on social media or in interviews. Or, as was just the case with 2016's Doctor Strange, reveal a surprise visitor to the set. Y'see:

It Turns Out That Spider-Man Was Hanging Around the 'Doctor Strange' Set Recently

Or, rather, a certain young British chap who just so happens to be about to play Spider-Man in the MCU.

That's right - Tom Holland has been spotted on the Doctor Strange set... on social media... posted by the film's producer. Wait a minute...

Yup, that sure is Tom Holland on the set of Doctor Strange, hanging out with one of the movie's producers, Louis D'Esposito, and its director, Scott Derrickson. Which is about as 'official' as a candid social media post can get.

The big question now, though?

What Does That Image Mean For Spider-Man?

Well, most likely? That Tom Holland - who grew up not too far from where Doctor Strange is filming over in the UK - was invited to visit the set while home for the holidays, and happened to take a picture with some of his new Marvel colleagues.

Alternatively, though, it is of course entirely possible that the seemingly casual nature of his visit was, in fact, a double bluff, and that Holland was on set to film a small scene - perhaps an end of credits teaser - for Doctor Strange.

Now, that's probably a long shot - but seeing as I'm assuming you're all with me on wanting it to be the case anyway, let's just go ahead and assume it's the truth.

What do you think, though?

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