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Season 3 of NBC's James Spader helmed The Blacklist has been pretty exciting so far, right? After the underwhelming, shark jumping Season 2 failed to quite live up to the high-stakes mystery and fun of the critically acclaimed first season it was about time that the showrunners took a step to shake things up, delivering on the "different feel" that creator Jon Bokenkamp had promised for Season 3.

Now we're mid way through the new season and the promised "reboot" is certainly being felt, with The Blacklist Season 3 so far mainly managing to keep with the promised changes to the dynamic of the show.

But there could be another big change coming for the second half of Season 3, as The Blacklist star Megan Boone recently confirmed the pending arrival of her first child with long term partner Dan Estabrook.

Boone and Estabrook
Boone and Estabrook

According to the mysterious Mr. A. Source, Boone is currently about four months along, and the fact that the series was recently renewed for a Season 4 means that there's not gonna be any rest for her as The Blacklist rolls onwards, returning in the new year for the second half of Season 3.

How Far We've Come...

The Blacklist Season 3 has seen Liz on the red from the FBI and the Cabal with Raymond "Red" Reddington (James Spader), so she hasn't exactly had time for hot dates along the way. But she did hook up with her ex-fake-husband Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) at the end of Season 2, which gives the writers a pretty enticing hook by which to introduce a pregnancy for Liz's character there as well as something to bring Liz and Tom back together.

But should they? I'm still a little torn about the reintroduction of Tom. He's an interesting and intimidating character and Eggold carries him well, but forcing him back together with Liz (which seems to be the way things are going) doesn't gel well given the entire basis of their sham marriage.

To be fair, they were pretty cute though
To be fair, they were pretty cute though

Even showrunner Jon Bokenhamp isn't quite sure how they're going to handle this, as he told EW:

"We are still trying to figure it out. It plays in a number of different ways, both story wise and physically, for Megan in trying to figure out what that would mean to the show."

Liz, Red... And A Baby?

Beyond the physical implications for Boone as her pregnancy progress, there's further narrative issues beyond just the subject of the father that need to be tied up if they do end up writing her pregnancy into the show, as Bokenkamp explains:

"It’s really hard in a show that has — whether he’s her father or not — a parental core to it. In a show that has a father-daughter type relationship, it’s incredibly difficult to ignore the fact that our lead actress is pregnant. It’s still being figured out exactly what that means."

The "father-daughter" type relationship is a central facet of the show, and even though it's looking less and less likely that Red will turn out to be Liz's biological father there is still a dynamic of that type there (if you ignore all the long lingering glances and remarks).

Familial, or something more?
Familial, or something more?

Introducing a child (or a grandchild of sorts, in Red's case) would certainly throw a spanner into those works, especially given the recent developments of the last episode.

After Liz's shocking arrest in episode 8 - Kings of the Highway - last month it's likely that she's going to be spending the next few episodes in a big glass box, but what will Red do? One thing is for sure, all hell is set to break lose when The Blacklist Season 3 returns with episode 9 - The Director - on January 7th 2016.


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