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The first half of season 2 seriously had me emotionally wrecked for a long time. And by the looks of the promo for January 19th's episode, I'm about to fall off of my seat:

Pretty thrilling, right?

Speaking of the 2nd half of season 2, recent updates on the cast have been made, and, just like me, you'll all be preeety surprised as to which characters they've added on! First up....


Geomancer, who will be played by Adam Stafford, is a DC Comics villain, who has the power to control earthquakes. He has been described as:

"a dangerous meta-human who uses his powers to unleash a string of targeted earthquakes, optimistic that he’ll draw out the Flash for a mano-a-mano fight to see who’s the most powerful metahuman in Central City."

Sounds like the DC version of 'Quake' from 'Agents Of Shield', don't you think?

Hey there, Adam Stafford.
Hey there, Adam Stafford.

Nonetheless, I'm really psyched about seeing Geomancer on the show, who, has been confirmed to be seen on the 13th AND 14th episode.

Eye spy with my little eye, someone beginning with Eliza...


It looks like another potential speedster will be joining the cast, the only difference is that THIS speedster is a female, I mean, girl's are kick-ass, particularly this one. She goes by the name, 'Trajectory'.

Go, girl!
Go, girl!

She's said to appear on 'episode 16' of the 2nd half of season 2, TV Line have also reported. Eliza Harmon has been said to be a "exceptionally bright scientist" with a "split personality a la Jekyll and Hyde." In the comics, she grew up being a huge fan of Kid Flash, and became a speedster herself through Lex Luthor's 'Everyman Project'.

However, nobody, as of yet, has been set to play such a character. Who do YOU think should play her? Let me know in the comments!


Who are you more excited for?


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