ByFrancoise Nina-z Frenchy Edwards, writer at

WHY???? did it have to end! Well done SYFY! You did it! You finally brought a book to life that was wayyyyyyy overdue. Whether you are a person of faith or not, this mini-series satisfies whatever you might believe because it's a great fictional story with some apocalyptic familiarity, yet goes off course to it's own artistic liberty. One of faith might say, "That's what it could be like in a world without God". One of no faith may say "See what silly stories religions conjure up". The story does have an end-time book of Revelation overtone which makes it seem those in the story are going through a "type" of world tribulation with false prophet and anti-christ figures. Both can agree, even with artistic liberties for this show, they did a great job fitting this into a 3 night mini-series. The little girl who played "Jennifer" was very reminiscent of little Drew Barrymore. Mike Vogel who played Ricky Stormgren was sweet on the eyes and commanded the performance. Hayley Magnus who played "Amy" has a face the camera loves. Book readers may have more of a critical eye but for the many who did not read Arthur C. Clarke's novel, it's a new favorite for the Sci-Fi shelf and a worthy DVD purchase in the future! SYFY was smart, this was a like an appetizer to Star Wars, The Force Awakens. It's just too bad, it had to end.


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