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I am an avid movie watcher. I love all genres of movies, old and new, big blockbusters and straight to dvd. However, horror films are my fav
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The year 2015 gave us many great horror films. Some were more well known than others. These fifteen films were the ones I personally enjoyed. I know there were many more films, let me know what were your favorites.


Starting off with a few Horror/Comedies, Cooties was a hilarious zombie film. Elijah Wood plays a teacher return to his old school for a new job. Unfortunately, on his first day back there is a "cootie" outbreak. This new type of zombie virus can only effect people that have not gone through puberty.

Burying the Ex

This was another great Horror/Comedy. I've heard of some clingy girlfriends, but this is ridiculous. Max wants to break up with his controlling girlfriend, but can't seem to find the courage. Luckily for Max, she is hit by a bus and dies. He thinks that he's free, but he's wrong. Now he has a zombie ex-girlfriend and a new love interest to worry about. How do you break up with a girl who could eat you?

The Final Girls

This was a great homage to 70s/80s horror. On the anniversary of her mother's death, Max and her friends are transported into her mom's 80s slasher flick. This gives Max a chance to see her mom again, but can she stop her mom's scripted death? Running from a masked killer at Camp Bloodbath these friends must find their "final girl" to survive.


We've all seen ads on Craigslist that seem too good to be true and they usually are. Needing work, Aaron takes a job for a man in need of a someone to film him for eight hours. Aaron meets Josef, a man making a film for his unborn son since he has an inoperable brain tumor, supposedly. Josef is very strange and constantly makes Aaron feel uncomfortable. From chasing him around the house in a werewolf costume to sending him DVD apologies to Aaron's home. The ending is quick but shocking. Be careful what ads you respond to.


This was a very different type of zombie film than what we are used to. With the zombie virus still spreading throughout the world, people are able to take their infected family home, but must return them before the virus completely takes over. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a father protecting his recently bitten daughter, Abigail Breslin, who will stop at nothing to protect her.


Don't you just hate when giant killer wasps attack your dinner party? Well that's exactly what happens in this film. When a wealthy woman uses illegal plant fertilizer she accidentally transforms a colony of wasps into 7ft predators. Who will survive this dinner party?

Insidious 3

I have always enjoyed the Insidious films. It took the usual paranormal possession and gave it a twist. The first films dealt with astral projection, which was great. The third took a different turn, having a girl try and contact her deceased mother, but accidentally contacting something else. I loved the look of "the Further" and that we got to see how Elise met Specs and Tucker.

Dark was the Night

A small town is terrorized when a logging company accidentally pushes wood creatures towards the town. The local townspeople believe they are being attacked by a Wendigo, that is now looking for a new home. The Sheriff tries to keep the townspeople alive until military help arrives, but will he succeed? A great creature feature you'll definitely enjoy.

I Spit on Your Grave 3

We return to see Jennifer Hills, years after her attack. Now going by the name Angela, she still struggles to get passed what happened to her. She joins a support group and befriends one of the members. When her friend is raped and killed, the lack of police help, leads Jennifer to use her skills to seek revenge for her friend. Now not a victim but a vigilante.

Last Shift

A rookie police officer must look after an empty police station on the last night it will be open. It seems like an easy task, but that's not the case. The officer begins seeing and hearing terrifying things. With no help coming and being on her own, she must try and survive until morning, if she can.

Green Inferno

What can I say about this film that hasn't been said already? It is not for the faint of heart. An activist group is stranded in the jungle when their plane crashes. Unfortunately for them the first people to find them are a tribe of cannibals. This film had people walking out, fainting, and throwing up. So I had to see it. It was great to see Eli Roth grossing us out yet again. I'm sure most people remember the shaving scene in Cabin Fever.

The Hallow

Here is another great creature feature. In this film we follow a husband and wife that move to a remote home with their newborn baby. Despite constant warnings not to enter the woods, the husband continues to do research deep in the woods. Dark versions of pixies and fairies begin coming after the family, with the intent of stealing their baby. This starts off as a slow burn, but does a great job of slowly introducing the monsters.

Tales of Halloween

This great Halloween anthology tells ten stories of what can happen on this terrifying night. Stories ranging from ghosts, demons, the Devil, a claymation alien, and hungry pumpkins, there is something for everyone. Some stories were funny, some scary, and some were shocking. This film is one of my new favorite anthologies.

Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

You can't ignore a great tagline like "Mad Max meets Dawn of the Dead". With a sudden zombie outbreak, a man is in desperate search for his sister. The government begins testing the virus on uninfected humans, one of which is his sister. After she is injected with the virus she has an unforeseen reaction, she can control zombies.


I have to include this amazing film. Michael Dougherty did an amazing job with this dark Christmas legend. It had such a great cast, unique creatures, and a great ending. With the entire family losing their Christmas spirit they are visited by Krampus and his helpers. The family must come together and find a way to survive Christmas night.


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