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Dying Light's next big expansion will have you barricading the doors and playing from behind the sofa!

Dying Light is exploding into an all new chapter of zombified madness. Techland's new big expansion is providing us with even more ways to bludgeon and disembowel the undead. Dying Light is vast, immersive and bone-chillingly tantalizing - players will soon be able to unlock even more zombie chopping action.

The Following is the studio's next big DLC drop. The new storyline will pick up the reins following the explosive conclusion of the original game. Following the arrival of a delirious outsider and the group’s desperate need for Antizin, Crane is forced even further out of the city limits in search of salvation.

Be warned - this new location, outside the inner city walls, is not what we are used to. The undead here are not what they were before. It is almost as if the disease has improved their decaying minds. They seem to possess basic cognitive skills, demonstrate a knack for problem-solving and even some primitive form of communication.

Aside from the undead, Crane must also be aware of an all new human contingent that rules the streets. This new "mysterious group whose intentions are not readily clear" could be even worse than the evil they buried behind them in Harran.

Big Changes

Techland's chart-topping zombie epic is about to look, feel and sound a whole heap better. The next big expansion is set to dramatically alter the way in which we all experience the game.

The first thing to note is the sheer size of the new location. This new map ranges from Harran’s inner city, out through the suburbs and into the countryside. Players will be able to traverse through a much wider range of environments come February. Just don’t get lost in the woods - the locals are not likely to be very friendly.

Techland has also stated that they will be introducing vehicles. Looking at the map, we can see what appears to be a section of a large highway that cuts through the top quarter. I imagine that this will be where we will source the majority of our vehicles. These vehicles will allow for faster travel between far reaching destinations and can also be used to mow through the countless hordes of undead.

With a selection of new weapons, we will be able to pick off the undead from a distance with new high-velocity bows and dismember goons with all new barbaric melee weapons.

On top of the additional storyline, characters and locations, the studio has stated that they will be enhancing the overall visual quality of the game. This is free for all that own the game.

Did someone say epic? The original game kept me up for hours upon hours - this expansion pack will more than likely have an adverse effect on my working hours here. With an in-game environment matched only by Mother Nature herself and a genuinely gripping storyline, Dying Light is one hell of explosive zombie romper stomp!

Game of the year perhaps?

The Following launches February 9, 2016 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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