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Kaley Cuoco is gearing up for a major 2016!

First, it was announced that she is dating Paul Blackthorne following her divorce from Ryan Sweeting, but she's got way more going on than just personal life updates. According to a promo and her very own Instagram, Kaley will be appearing on Spike's Lip Sync Battle next season, and the actress couldn't be more excited about it.

On January 7th, Kaley will be making her Lip Sync Battle debut

The show has proven to be a goldmine of GIF-able moments, and something tells me Kaley's episode will be no different.

She almost looks ready to perform Miley's 'Wrecking Ball,' but Anne Hathaway already beat her to it

I doubt they'll allow anyone to do the same song over again (even though LSB apparently let Christina Aguilera perform her own song), so The Big Bang Theory star will hopefully be doing something unexpected.

And she is more than a little confident

In the recently released ad for the next season, Kaley is proudly taking on the competition, proclaiming:

"Go home now because it's OVER!"

Let's hope she doesn't end up against Channing Tatum!

She's finally getting her chance after begging to get on

It may have only had one season so far, but Kaley was immediately hooked. She wanted to sync up those lips, as she told host LL Cool J on stage.

"I have been begging to be here, and I finally MADE IT!"

We're pretty pumped you made it, too, Kaley, and we're definitely ready to see what you can do.

(Source: Instagram)


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