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Netflix will probably roll out a switch in the coming times to ensure better quality streams while saving up big chunk of users data

Netflix Inc. reportedly is all set to bring the biggest change in its history to improve user experience from its end. If sources are to be believed then the company has been working on its new bandwidth saving technology which it has been working on for the past four years. The streaming giant is said to be giving dares to some of its employees who belong to the Los Gatos offices to take a special challenge that would help the company with its testing as well. This has been going on for the past few months now.

The employees that were participating had to sit in front of two TVs that were placed and mounted side by side each other. Both of the TVs were streaming the same episode of a TV show and was running on simultaneously. One TV was directly connected to the Netflix’s existing service and the stream was non-stop throughout the time whereas the other was connected with the company’s new bandwidth saving technology. The streaming service provider told its employees to point out a difference, if any, in order to win a bottle of champagne as a reward. All failed to point out any difference.

It is believed that even the ‘eagle eyed’ employees who are too particular about this stuff gave up in the end and the reward went unclaimed. This indeed was a win win situation for Netflix. The company was very much encouraged by the results but still continued to keep testing for another few months. But now, it is all set to embark on one of the biggest changes that it will bring in its streaming technology to improve user experience. This will be the first major change since the company entered in this market in 2007.

Sources suggest that if everything goes according to what Netflix has planned for the future then this technology can easily save 20 percent of the users’ data meanwhile providing better quality streams to the users.

This switch would be significant for the North Americans where the use of Netflix alone is accountable for more than a third of all data consumed during peak hours. Not only this but since the company is aiming to further expand in locations where internet speed is not relatively fast or on par, it will be crucial to provide them with this technology. Most of these expansions are planned next year as Netflix seeks to be providing its services throughout the world by the end of 2016.


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