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For over 2 decades, the film industry has been blessed with the mercurial and ingenious innerworkings of the brilliant mind of one the finest writer/directors in cinema history. Long before Marvel studio perfected the art of the shared cinema universe, this director excited fans with his shared universe through subtle connections, crazy easter eggs, distinct dialogues, wacky characters and not to mention amazing movies in general. Many articles have been dedicated to this shared universe, or rather Tarantinoverse, but i will attempt to bring it all together in one, long, overwritten article with nice pictures!

Obviously, im a huge fan of his, and obviously I'm talking about Quentin Tarantino (just in case you didnt get the hints from the title, or you just didnt spot his name riddled across the page).

It's always going to be hard to encaptulate everything that connects in the Tarantinoverse via a written article, no matter how cool the picture look, but i will attempt to do so because i lack the skills to create an infographic in which it shows all the connections of the Tarantinoverse.

One thing that needs to be known about the Tarantinoverse, is that it contains two universes in it (stay with me). There are two universes: The REALER THAN REAL universe, and the MOVIE MOVIE universe, within the Tarantinoverse. The first universe, the REALER THAN REAL universe, is a sort of alternative reality that is similar to our own. the MOVIE MOVIE universe can be simply explained as movies that characters from the REALER THAN REAL universe will go to watch. I'm sure you got that, moving on.


MOVIE MOVIE universe:

Jackie Brown (1997) - is not a part of the Tarantinoverse, rather it's a part of the Elmore Leonard Universe.

One last point, to know the Tarantinoverse you have to understand it is a parallel universe to our very own. In Inglourious Basterds, instead of following the source material which is our history, Tarantino opts to alter it, having Hitler killed in a movie theatre instead of his suicide in 1945. By doing this the Tarantinoverse slit from our reality, filled with obvious repercussions e.g because Hitler was brutally killed in a movie theatre, therefore people have become more desensitized to violence and have a better understanding or appreciation of popular culture (Thanks for the theory).

So lets get started shall we?


One of the constants in both the REALER THAN REAL and MOVIE MOVIE universes, are cigarettes and food. Tarantino has cleverly given his characters something to eat and to smoke in these universes, cigarettes from The Red Apple Cigarettes, and the Big Kahuna Burger fast food takeaways thus proving all these movies exist in the same universe.


Probably the most well known connection in the Tarantinoverse, where Mr Blonde, or Vic Vega, played by Michael Madsen in Reservoir dogs, is the brother to Vincent Vega, played by John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. Thats it? Nope, also the fun fact that Quentin planned on filming a prequel based on these two brothers before their respected films, but due to the actors ages, the project was ultimately scrapped.

Also, it's widely been theorized on the internet that James Gandolfini's character, Virgil, in True Romance is also a relative, because his last name is Vega.


Sticking with the family ties, one really cool family connection to know about (to impress all your family members who pretend to care) is that SGT Donnie 'The Bear Jew' Donowitz (Eli Roth) from Inglourious Basterds, is the actual father of Saul Rubinek's Lee Donowtiz from True Romance (a film Tarantino wrote, but didnt direct). Lee Donowitz went on to become a famous Hollywood producer, rather ironically considering that his father, The Bear Jew, stopped WWII by killing Hitler in a movie theatre (I dare you to ask your history teacher on this).


Thanks to people with no lives, we were able to find a really interesting connection here. Christopher Walken's character of Captain Koons from Pulp fiction shares the same last of a outlaw Django and King were after in Django Unchained. yes, that's right, we found a connection between a outlaw whose name is seen for a few seconds and a man who hid a watch up his behind for two years... well done.


Dr. King Schultz, played by the wonderful Christolph Waltz, from Django Unchained, has a potential backround story that might seem more interesting than a Django played by Will Smith... uhh, maybe not. In one of the best scenes in Kill Bill Vol.2 we find The Bride coming out of grave via martial arts (yay). The thing is, the headstone on that grave read 'Paula Schultz'. It's not inconceivable to assume these two are married considering there are other more far fetched connections that have been confirmed. There's even a song about Dr. King and his wife.


Another connection between these two iconic movies, is Harvey Keitel's character from Reservoir dogs, Mr. White or his real name which was revealed to be Lawrence Dimmick, is related to Quentin Tarantino's character in Pulp Fiction, Jimmie Dimmick. OK, there evidence is only the last name but it is a really odd and specific last name, right?


That is not the only connection Mr. White has in the REALER THAN REAL universe. In Reservoir dogs, we find out that Mr.White use to work with a lady named 'Alabama' as a former parter. The same Alabama is played by Patricia Arquette in the Tarantino written True Romance which was directed by Tony Scott.


In an interview with Huffington Post in 2015, Tim Roth said his character in The Hateful Eight Oswaldo Mobray's real name is little Pete Hicox, making him a direct ancestor to Inglourious Basterds Character LT. Archie Hicox, portrayed by Michael Fassbender. Roth confirmed himself that Oswaldo or Pete is Archie's great, great grandfather.


In an interview, Tarantino revealed that Broomhilda Von Shaft, played by Kerry Washington in Django Unchained is the direct ancestor of the African American badass John Shaft. Tarantino himself said himself 'they're great, great, great grandparents of Shut Yo Mouth'.


It's safe to presume that Detective Jack Scagnetti from Natural Born Killers is related in some way to a Seymour Scagnetti, Vic Vega's parole officer who he mentioned when we were introduced to him in Reservoir Dogs.


Sheriff Earl McGraw is an exception to this rule of characters remaining in their respective universes. Tarantino considers him a crossover character, along with The Wolf from Pulp Fiction (even thought hes only been in one far). A character able to exist in both the REALER THAN REAL and MOVIE MOVIE universe. Sheriff McGraw debuts in From Dusk till Dawn, next we see him he's investigating The Brides murder along with his real life son, playing his son and deputy in Kill Bill Vol.1. Next we see the sheriff he's visiting his daughter at the hospital in DeathProof. It must be said that Sheriff McGraw's daughter, Dr.Dakota Block was a character created by Robert Rodriguez not Tarantino.


Nurse Bonnie is a character that is mentioned or appears in multiple Tarantino films. In Reservoir Dogs, the nurse that Nice Guy Eddie mentions that could help a wounded Tim Roth is named Bonnie. Also in Pulp Fiction, Jimmie Dimmick, who is played by Quentin Tarantino himself is married to a lady named Bonnie, who is also a nurse. Bonnie is also mentioned in True Romance as a colleague of Lee.


'Nuff Said.


The Gecko Brothers (played by George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino) from From Dusk till Dawn appear on a TV show in the Tarantino-produced film Curdled. Also, Curdled stars an Angela Jones, who plays morbid cab driver Esmeralda Villalobos in Pulp Fiction.

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