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First and foremost WB is doing a GREAT job at marketing Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and the viral marketing pieces for this movie is nothing short of genius, previously Lex Luthor was interviewed by Forbes magazine and I covered that story here.

But let's jump into this new piece of viral marketing because this is even more exciting and reveals much more information about the DC Universe!

1) Lex OS Is Coming!

This interview makes it a point to hype the "Impending launch of Lex OS" because this promotional piece starts with a mention of the said operating system, also the launch event is scheduled for winter 2015 so keep an eye out for that reveal, because they've been building the suspense for the past 3 months so it's going to be something BIG!

But for now Lex OS sounds like an Android+iOS+Windows+OS X+Linux on steroids we just have to wait to know about the exact details of this OS and how it ties into the movie.

2) The World Or At Least The Media Perceives Luthor To Be A Wunderkind Who Is Unrelatable!

When we go through this wonderfully crafted marketing piece it totally sets up the character of Lex Luthor in a way that we can understand what kind of Luthor we will get in the movie eventually next year.

Nice Helicopter
Nice Helicopter

This reporter perceives Luthor to be an insanely rich show-off, intimidating and unrelatable kinda person whereas Lex Luthor ends up proving how he's still down to earth and approachable or in proper terms "Relatable"

3) This Interview Foreshadows A Presidential Run By Luthor Or At Least Alludes Towards That Concept!

Comic Books readers will know that Lex Luthor briefly becomes the president of USA and that story arc was amazing and had movie adaptation potential but frankly I never imagined we would get some hints towards that concept, but here we are!

This interviewer questions Luthor asking "You sound like someone running for political office" When Luthor shares his dream/vision for the future and mankind and the interviewer also ends this interview by saying "This all sounds suspiciously like a manifesto"

4) Batman Is Publicly Known For His "Vigilante Brand of Justice"

We see Lex Luthor and this interviewer from Wired discussing about Batman and Luthor explains Batman's vigilantism is outdated and ineffective "designed to be effective in an age when the law carried billy clubs because crime carried knives"

But Luthor did accept that Batman served the purpose when he started out long ago but still holds on to his opinion that Batman is outdated/outmatched for today's scenario. Nonetheless this proves that Batman is known to the world at large and he's definitely not a mysterious urban myth kinda creature.

5) Amanda Waller, Task Force And A.R.G.U.S. from Suicide Squad Are Referenced!

Seems like Luthor had some agenda on his mind that leverages government's cooperation for "a new world paradigm" to build a safer world but it all changed when he ran into a WALL where he's "ready to sit down with whatever task force the government has assembled — in the interest of sharing intelligence and building solutions together"

Amanda Waller and Task Force X
Amanda Waller and Task Force X

He further elaborated by saying "If she… they… Argus… the government, whatever you want to call it, has a real interest in fighting for the future, they ought to work with those of us who are already on the front lines"

Seems like Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice will connect to Suicide Squad in a more organic/natural and cohesive way than we thought and by the looks of it Lex Luthor and Amanda Waller are going to be big long term players in this DC Movie Universe so don't be surprised if they pop up in upcoming Justice League movies.

FUN FACT: This interview pretty much confirms that Amanda Waller is in charge of US government's super intelligence and technology agency A.R.G.U.S.

6) Billionaire Heroes of DC And Their Arms Race!

So this is where loads of exciting details were revealed so let's discuss them point by point.

Lex Luthor Is All Business

Luthor was very open about his company's military based R&D and contracts as he believes a strong cutting edge line of defense technology can be the only thing that can protect mankind from the ever growing threats and the new "Super Human menace"

Ted Kord's Kord Industries Is Teased Again!

Fans of DC comics would know Ted Kord the CEO of Kord Industries is also a crime fighter who goes by the name of Blue Beetle and in the previous interview it was revealed that the cinematic version of Ted Kord is also a billionaire playboy like Bruce Wayne.

Simon Stagg Exists In DC Extended Universe

Fans of DC animation works would recognize this old but genius billionaire who owns Stagg and the description given above is also pretty much accurate when we compare it with the source material, could this be a hint towards Metamorpho's existence in DCEU (DC hero), let's see.

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow Exists in DC Extended Universe!

This was the most surprising piece of information because none of us expected this but it's a good surprise nonetheless because who doesn't want our good old Green Arrow on the big screen.

But more importantly the description given above suggests that Green Arrow already exists in this universe and has gone through some crime fighting experience, so I guess we can expect a slightly older and worn out version of Green Arrow than what we are used to in the CW television series of "Arrow"

Bruce Wayne Hates Defense Contracts But Builds Weapons For His "Vigilante Brand Of Justice" Nonetheless!

Previous interview from Fortune magazine revealed that Wayne Enterprises is the largest emerging technology company on Earth but this company doesn't take part in military contracts because you know right it's Batman and his rules.

Nonetheless Bruce Wayne took a whole 9 figure R&D budget out, to build his Bat armor and Batjet as pictured above, I seriously hope Superman or Doomsday doesn't wreck his armor or jet, it's damn expensive.

Batman vs Superman drops in March.


What do you think about these reveals/info?


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