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There are no spoilers in this post, but if you wish to be blissfully unaware of any possible outcomes turn away now.

Fan theories have become an integral part of life when it comes to movie-goers and fans. Fans from all over dissect the trailers, stills, and movie posters looking for any possible Easter eggs or clues as to the plot or characters that could tell us more about a movie before it comes out.

And Star Wars: The Force Awakens is no exception! With most of the movie’s plot and characters shrouded in mystery it has been a cause for speculation and rumors. Some die-hard fans are taking to the internet with some theories as to what we could possibly see when the movie hits theaters. So ahead of tonight’s big premiere I have found some of the best fan theories out there.

Rey and/or Finn are Jedi

This seems to be one of the most plausible theories out there. Both are new to the franchise and seem to be at the center of the movie’s main plotline. But it looks like Finn is the favorite to become a Jedi Knight. In August it was revealed that he would be involved in a light saber duel with Kylo Ren.

But with rumors swirling about Rey having a possible familial connection to a famous Jedi family, it is also possible that Rey herself could be force sensitive or become a full-fledged Jedi.

With the little we know about these characters anything at this point is possible, and it would seem that the galaxy could use a few good Jedi.

Rey is the daughter of Han and Leia

This theory has picked up a lot of steam becoming one of the more popular theories on the web. Rumors started swirling as soon as it was announced that Ridley was cast.

If you are familiar with the Extended Universe, then you know that Han and Leia had a set of twins a boy and a girl. And many people believe Rey is that daughter! In the EU her name was Jaina and her brother’s name is Jacen, but that could be a smoke screen or they could have changed her name to steer away from spoilers like this. But that has not stopped people from drawing similarities between the two, including her uncanny resemblance to both her mother and grandmother.

It does seem to make sense that at least one person or persons could be related to some of the original characters.

We Know Kylo Ren’s Parent and/or Parents

It goes to reason that if Rey is indeed the daughter of Han & Leia that Kylo is her twin brother (who also turned to the dark side in the EU).

Another familial connection made by fans is that he is Luke Skywalker’s son. Which puts him in the family tree no matter which way you look at it. This theory became popular after fans noticed that he has quite the obsession with yet another famous Skywalker; the dearly departed Sith Lord Darth Vader! Seen in the trailer standing over Vader’s demolished helmet saying “I will finish what you started”.

Could it be a family connection that has him pledging his allegiance to Vader’s vendetta?

Han Solo Dies

This is a long speculated theory; beginning when it was announced that Ford would once again play his famous character. It is no secret to fans that Harrison Ford once tried to convince George Lucas to kill of his character in Return of the Jedi. George almost took his request but felt that his death would alter the happy ending of the movie. And just as recently as 2010, during an interview Ford made it very clear that he had no desire to play everyone's favorite scoundrel, Han Solo again.

So why the change of heart? Many fans believe that his willingness to do the Force Awakens means that Solo will indeed meet an untimely end. It also stands to reason that there will be a major death at some point in the new trilogy. Although not many people want to let go of Han, it seems that this rumor may have some traction.

Finn Dies

Another death speculation is newcomer and possible Jedi; Finn. It is not a very likely scenario though seeing as he is one of the newest characters, and is widely speculated that he himself is a Jedi. But after this photo surfaced of Rey crying over someone’s body it was rumored that it could possibly be that of Finn.

Others have also thought that the body is not that of Finn but could possibly be either Chewbacca or Han Solo. Whoever it is, it does appear that someone does not make it to the end of the film.

Poe Dameron Will Go to the Dark Side

Another newcomer Oscar Isaac’s X-Wing fighter piolet Poe Dameron, according to some fans; is the front runner to become the newest Sith. In the trailer Isaac’s character is seen being tortured by Kylo Ren and some are saying that he is being brainwashed into going over to the dark side.

While it is also completely possible that Ren is simply just torturing Poe.

Evil Jar Jar

Now if you are like the millions of Star Wars fans you probably consider Jar Jar to be one of the worst things to come out of the Star Wars universe since the Ewoks! Even though he is undoubtedly one of the most hated characters in film of all time, there are some who believe that he held a much larger purpose.

The theory is that the Gungan’s silly, dim-witted demeanor was an act all along, appearing to be on the side of good to gain the trust of young Anakin and the Jedi order to then make sure all of the power went to the Republic and the dark side.

Call me crazy but I think some people are still looking for a reason why Jar Jar ever existed in the first place. I chalk this one up to sheer optimism!

Luke Has Joined the Dark Side/ Luke is Kylo Ren

Maybe the biggest rumor of them all calls into question our favorite Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker. Most of the speculation comes from the fact that there is no mention of Skywalker in the trailer and he is even missing from the promotional posters. It has everyone asking, “Where is Luke”?

Seriously where is he? The only real tangible evidence we have that Hamill’s character is in the movie is this still from the trailer.

The image shows a hooded figure with a mechanical hand (which just happens to be the same one Luke lost) touching our favorite droid R2-D2.

Skywalker’s disappearance has led many people to theorize that our hero has gone the way of his father and turned to the dark side. I mean what else could we think with all of the mystery surrounding the famous Jedi?

Another theory which stems from the previous one is that Hamill’s character has not been missing, but has been in front of us the whole time; Kylo Ren is actually Luke Skywalker!? This theory has been denied many times including by J.J. Abrams and the fact that Adam Driver has been identified as playing Ren seems to suggest that this is not true.

Abrams has said that it is no accident that Luke is missing. But why? Could Luke really have gone over to the dark side? Say it isn’t so Luke!

Some Other Theories to Give Some Thought To

There are also some not so popular theories out there, but still worth a mention.

Finn is the son of Han Solo or Lando Calrissian

Max von Sydow’s character is an older Boba Fett

Han is force sensitive

Captain Phasma is Darth Plagueis

It is not clear what is true and what is not until the movie premieres in just a few hours. One thing that is clear is that this movie is going to be huge!

Do you think any of these theories will make it into the movie? Which one/ones do you find the most plausible? Are there any theories that didn't make the list that you think are plausible? Let me hear them!


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