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This morning the internet has been with a brand-new teaser trailer for Netflix's upcoming show, 'Fuller House'!

We get to re-visit the tanner house and get excited for the arrival of the brand-new show!

Check out the video!

After watching this trailer, my heart was full and all of my childhood memories came flooding back!

We got to see the (more modern) rooms of the Tanner household where some of our favorite episodes took place, a golden retriever puppy, and the shuffling and voices of our favorite family getting ready to move back in.

I know I'm not the only one that's super excited for this show. It's awesome that we get to re-visit the story and characters that we've grown up with. It'll sure be interesting to see a new and modern-take on our favorite family.

Be on the look-out, 'Fuller House' is coming to Netflix February 26th!


Are you excited for Fuller House?


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