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With the recent incident of Konami firing gaming legend Hideo Kojima, Konami are desperately trying to pick themselves up and start a new game, but will it redeem them? I think not, Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain will be the last great Metal Gear game we will ever see.

Here is the link to the announcement.

Konami should kill the franchise now before they utterly ruin its image, but thats not what Konami thinks thus they've foolishly Announced Metal Gear Solid 6, no details have been released but who cares ? Check out my imagery for MGS:VI

So yeah, either Konami are either trying to piss Kojima off by making another, or they're trying to milk the franchise for all its worth, we may get yearly Metal Gear Games just like we get yearly COD's and Assassins Creed games, the only thing to look forward to is legend Hideo Kojimas upcoming game, and its set in SPACE!

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