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I’m very excited and confidant that The Force Awakens will be a super fun and spectacular popcorn movie event. A game changer definitely, like all of the previous films. (YES, the prequels changed the Hollywood ideas of casting, special effects, cinematography, action choreography and story content as much as the originals. And while the acting in the prequels is very subdued, the acting in the original trilogy wasn't impressive to anyone in 1980, the era of The Godfather and Raging Bull). But with everything Episode 7 has going for it, I’m also keeping my expectations in check.

This is the 7th film in a space fantasy opera that has already seemingly done everything. But I don’t think its exhausted itself yet. Just remember that this is a reboot. It will probably not be “the best Star Wars ever”, even though the Hollywood machine is already starting the brainwashing campaign. But it has a huge opportunity to be the best made Star Wars film yet. The technology is there. The marketing is there to make it the most successful. And the mythology has already been established by 6 films and countless shows, games, novels and comics.

As Episode 1 was Star Wars for the Gen X demographic, Episode 7 is a Star Wars meant for Millennials. “Luke’s a girl! Han’s black! Leia is a Hispanic dude! Darth Vader is a skinny young hipster!!!” I sound cynical, but actually these are very progressive and cool twists on the classic formula. With these twists, maybe this trilogy will have a warmer reception than the last underrated reboot and maybe offer more pleasant surprises to the mainstream fans who just want the old school characters, stories and special effects.

I presently rank the Star Wars canon, in terms of technical quality and dramatic impact, as such:

1. Return of the Jedi
2. Revenge of the Sith
3. Empire Strikes Back
4. Attack of the Clones
5. A New Hope
6. Phantom Menace

Perhaps “Force Awakens” will be my new favorite, but I doubt it. I don’t think it will be my least favorite either. I’m expecting it to fit right in the middle of the series. And thats good, because I love all of the previously made Star Wars movies. I just hope it does George Lucas proud and the new Jedi live up to their famous predecessors.


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