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With her short blond bob and bold red lips, Australian teen Olivia Sturgess is a dead ringer for superstar Taylor Swift. And apparently, Swift thinks so, too.

At a recent concert stop for her “1989 World Tour” in Melbourne, Swift made time to meet and take some snaps with the Aussie youngster. Although she’s slightly shorter than her idol, Sturgess bears a striking resemblance to the singer in the shots.

Sturgess has posted quite a few selfies of herself decked out as Swift to her Instagram account. From sequin crop tops to oversized sunglasses to Swift’s signature cat eye, Sturgess claims to be a longtime fan of Swift. After losing her mother to uterine cancer in October, Sturgess relied on Swift’s song, “The Best Day,” to help her get through the rough time. She told BuzzFeed that Swift told her, “‘I saw your post on Tumblr! That’s why you’re here! I’m so, so, sorry you had to go through that.”

Sturgess admits she gets mobbed by “Swifties” and even stops to take pictures with them. With all the press her recent meeting with the pop princess is getting, maybe the next time she gets stopped she’ll be famous enough that those “Swifties” will just want to meet her.


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