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Merry Christmas and Happy Belated Hanukkah! Let's just cut to the chase, shall we? I got some eggnog and binge watching waiting for me. It's been a few weeks since the midseason finale of Arrow and we've all had time to adjust to that devastating ending. In light of that finale, I wanted to give some love to my main girl, Felicity Megan Smoak. First, Felicity is alive. She is alive and just has another gunshot wound to add next to the one that the Clock King gave her. Yay, her own scar! For a woman who is a tech genius she has way more battle wounds than Barry Allen, but I digress. I refuse to believe that my beloved Felicity is gone because frankly I will be right behind her. I will surely be taking my business elsewhere. We get it Darhk, you're evil. But let it be known that this is the first and last time you put Felicity Smoak in harm's way. I got a couple of people in the back that can handle this real quick.

Arrow didn't become Arrow until Felicity Smoak called Oliver Queen out on his bullet ridden laptop. When the show first premiered in 2012, I gave it a chance and immediately ditched it. It was a good pilot but it wasn't great. Sorry, not sorry? I just couldn't fully devote my TV life to some white dude running around seeking justice. Haven't we had enough of that in pretty much everything? Then in the summer of 2014, after some convincing from friends I once again gave Arrow a chance through the power of Netflix. Thank you, Netflix. I got to episode 3 of Season 1 and my interest was piqued. I, like many other people started saying "Wait a minute, who is the blonde chick? Can we keep her? Is she going to stay?" From the moment she graced the screen she turned Team Arrow into what it has become. For me, Team Arrow is what makes me stay loyal to the show. It's Oliver, Diggle and Felicity that makes the show for me. With all the love in the world to Oliver Queen but he just isn't Oliver Queen/Green Arrow without those two. You mean to tell me I get a smart POC character in Diggle and a smart female character in Felicity? Sign me up!

Felicity Megan Smoak is by far one of the most important and pivotal Female Characters on TV right now. Now, this isn't some essay that is clouded in statistics and facts but it's just some straight up facts. The thing about Felicity Smoak is that she doesn't fall into any one person's box on what it means to be a hero, sidekick or love interest. She writes the rules for herself and I get my life every Wednesday. Felicity isn't comic book canon but you know what I say to that? It's almost 2016 and your comic books need some revamping. It reeks of mansplaining. Let me febreeze the room real quick.

Felicity is a hero. Let me say that for the people in the back, Felicity Megan Smoak is a HERO. She may not be a hero in the traditional sense but that girl can run circles around so many in the Superhero club. She doesn't need a mask or some pleather to be a hero. Throwing a punch here and there doesn't automatically qualify you for that S on your chest. So many times in comic books or action hero genre shows, writers get it so wrong when it comes to their female characters. I've read so many garbage scripts where you can tell that the writer just changed Adam to Ann. When female viewers call for strong female characters, we don't mean "Hey, write her just like a guy and strip her of everything that makes being a woman special." A woman does not need to emulate a man in order to be a hero. Patriarchy is real, ya'll. Don't get me wrong, I love me some pleather wearing ladies who can kick ass. But the thing I love about Felicity is that she rocks her Louboutin while saving the city. She is a woman who doesn't know how to cook, has a closet to die for, runs a billionaire dollar corporation and has seen every episode of Doctor Who. She's a nerd but probably has a standing appointment with her manicurist. She grew up with a single mother and managed to find her way to the top of her class at M.I.T. You can't put her in a box, she defines who she is. However, it doesn't hurt that Felicity can throw a punch if need be but that's not where her true strength lies. Her strength is her mind, her heart and her belief in the mission. Also, Felicity is the smartest person in the room 99% of the time but it's never annoying. She's just really smart and knows random things about meteor showers in Ancient Egypt.

Felicity is the Green Arrow's sidekick. No, she's his partner. From the moment Oliver Queen walked into her office she has been instrumental to pretty much every take down of every bad guy on this show. Whether she is behind her computer ruining your credit or in the field blowing up buildings, Oliver could not have possibly made it this far without her. She's the brains and he's the brawn. And those inspirational speeches? Who else besides Diggle can tell the superhero, "You got this." Like every great brooding male superhero, he takes the burden of the world on his shoulder and always thinks he has to sacrifice himself like a baby lamb to the lions. Felicity is always there to shut down that moronic idea and tells him to find another way. Oliver always finds another way.

She isn't just the girl who gets to kiss the superhero. She has way more agency than that. Yes, she's Oliver's fiancee but that's like 20th most interesting thing about her. My blind grandma could see that Oliver and Felicity would make a perfect couple but Felicity wasn't sitting around pining for no man. Felicity knows her worth. She straight up told Oliver in Season 3, "I ain't waiting around for you." And not waiting around is what she did. She got herself a new man in Ray Palmer, took her rightful place as a boss at Palmer Tech and was involved in the creation of yet another hero. You're welcome, The A.T.O.M. Also, like a grown ass woman she managed to still work on the same team as Oliver and not be petty. Why? Because she's a got damn adult. Like any good epic romance, Oliver and Felicity finally got it together. Should we expect a winter wedding? I got my dress already laid out. But, Felicity isn't like your annoying friend Rebecca who gets into a relationship and forgets your number. She was still very much a part of the team while vacationing with her boo. The lair that they were working out of was under Palmer Tech where Ms. Smoak is the CEO. Yes, they're together now but it hasn't changed our girl. In fact, this relationship makes both of them even stronger characters. I must say it's refreshing to watch an adult relationship on TV like theirs. Enough with the broody superhero not getting the girl, IT'S BEEN DONE SO MANY DAMN TIMES.

So, as the year wraps up let's remember the hero that is Felicity Smoak. Let us go into 2016 with the knowledge that we have been blessed with such a character on TV. There is so much left to explore and I for one can't wait to see what's next for our heroine. Papa Smoak? Huh? Yes?


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