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With Star Wars Episode VII: the Force Awakens premiering, folks can't help but remember the nostalgia of their favorite Star Wars memories, whether it is showing the films to your kids for the first time, seeing the scrawl for the first time on the big screen, or waiting in line to finally see Episode I: the Phantom Menace come out.

For me this brings to mind one of my favorite movies, Fanboys, where a group of friends take a cross country road trip to steal Phantom Menace so that their friend can see it before he dies. It shows the love that the fans have for the movies to this day, the dedication that even the actors still have, and that even if a movie isn't the greatest in the fans' eyes, it can still bring us all together.

In hoping that the final line of this movie doesn't bring omen to the newest installment, here are some facts about this group of "fanboys" that you might not know.

1. Windows glasses and hair should look familiar

It's meant to be similar to George Lucas's hair in the 1970s.

2. Look closely at the lettering on the van

It has the word "fanboys" written across it on the passenger door in Star Wars lettering and mirrored.

3. The 'Java the Hut' coffee shop has two meanings

It's a clever play on words, but Kristen Bell, who starred in the movie, also worked at a coffee shop of the same name on her hit show Veronica Mars.

4. The film had two directors

Kyle Newman did principal photography, but the movie kept getting pushed back from releasing. To do reshoots in November and December of 2007, director Steven Brill stepped in.

5. The cancer story almost didn't happen

One of the driving forces behind them taking the road trip was, of course, the fact that Linus would die of cancer before the release of the movie. However, at one point there was a cut that completely edited that out. Since a good chunk of the scenes pertained to that, I can't imagine what that cut looked like. Newman was able to reassemble most of the footage back into the movie within 36 hours.

6. George Lucas did give his seal of approval

He was sent a rough cut of the film, which he did enjoy. He agreed to allow them to use some of the infamous Star Wars sounds such as the lightsabers at the opening, as well as R2-D2 when they go into hyperspeed.

7. Kevin Smith asked for a cameo

Kevin, one of the ultimate fanboys, saw a rough cut of the film and asked to be added in. During reshoots, he and Jason Mewes have a short cameo at a truck stop.

8. Seth Rogen actually plays TWO parts

Though he is recognizable as the Star Wars fan with "dark" and "light" side arm sleeves as well as an unfortunate Jar Jar Binks back tattoo, he is nearly unrecognizable as a Star Trek super fan.

9. In fact, there are a lot of familiar faces in this movie

Billy Dee Williams (Lando Calrissian), William Shatner (Captain Kirk from Star Trek), Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) and Ray Park (Darth Maul) all make appearances in the movie.

Whether you are a diehard fanboy, or just getting into the Star Wars world yourself, this movie will bring out the kid in you and remind you that it's not a bad thing to be a fanboy.


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