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Oh, what a time to be a woman in comedy! Sisters is a knockout with an amazing cast starring the ultimate comedic duo, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

Sisters tells the story of wild woman Kate (Tina Fey) and straight-edge Maura (Amy Poehler) struggling to accept the fact that their parents are selling their childhood home. After making one last visit to clean out their nostalgia filled rooms, they decide to throw one more rager like the old days. Maura decides she wants to finally let loose and asks Kate to be the “party mom” for the night, which she arguably agrees. Throw in cute, new guy from down the street (Ike Barinholtz), arch nemesis Brinda (Maya Rudolf), and old high school friends eager to forget their adulthood responsibilities and you get one bizarre night. How could the party not be exciting when guests are played by John Cena, Bobby Monynihan, Kate McKinnon, and Rachel Dratch?

Tina and Amy are perfect on-screen sisters because they feed off each other so well. Their chemistry is unreal and it is so apparent they genuinely like working together. The real-life bffs and SNL alumni have a long history and you can tell just how effortless comedy comes to them, seemingly improvising a good portion of the movie's hilarious dialogue. Forty year-olds partying in a house full of drugs and alcohol creates a lot of cliches but it is obvious they are in on the joke, so the story-line remains refreshing. For once Tina plays opposite her typical type cast portraying a struggling single mother never low on her brash attitude. Full of surprises and hilarious physical stunts, you will find yourself in pain from laughing. Although the movie is full of laughs, there are also common issues brought up such as accepting change, reminiscing childhood, sisterhood, divorce, and loss.

The bottom line is that Tina and Amy never seem to disappoint and fellow comedians should take a page out of their ever-growing playbook. They have a hand in developing these projects, allowing them to explore new territories and set the bar higher each time. They also have a pretty amazing list of friends who I'm sure have no problem joining their movies.

I must add that Sisters will be competing against Star Wars at the box office but let me just say, it's okay to go see both! Tina and Amy have stated they wanted to create a social media campaign using which I fully stand behind! Be sure to also check out their Star Wars-Sisters spoof, 'The Farce Awakens!'


Sisters is in theaters December 18! Will you be checking it out?


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