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Since the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there have been many unanswered questions.

In particular, Rey's parentage has created much discussion and debate. There are those who believe that she is the daughter of Han Solo and Leia - thus making her Ben Solo's sister (aka Kylo Ren), others who believe she is disassociated from the family and then there's an alternative view.

My observations from the film dispute the concept of her being Leia's child on a number of issues.

Firstly, the soppy and emotional conversations between Leia and Han about 'our son' occurred frequently, yet no mention was made about 'our daughter'.

Secondly, the light saber that has called out to her, she is told that it belonged to Luke Skywalker and then his Father before him. This suggests the direct lineage. When she touches the light saber she has a series of flashbacks of Vader, Luke and her separation from her family. She is told that she knows the truth and can sense it, but she's in denial and says she wants no part of it. Nobody else has these visions upon touching this very same lightsaber.

Thirdly, Leia and Han seem to have some sort of *idea* about the girl, but don't directly address the matter in hand about her family.

When Kylo Ren says the saber belongs to him and tries using the force to bring it to him after knocking Finn out, Rey's powers out-do his. Maybe this is because they share a Grandfather in Vader, perhaps, but it is rightfully Rey's saber as the direct offspring of Luke.

Once it has been decided that they know where Luke is, Rey is sent to find him. Why not the massive team from the Resistance like when they were map seeking? Why not Leia herself?

Perhaps - due to their own history of parental separation - Leia decided to play on Luke's morality as a Father. He walked away from it all and probably felt he was protecting his daughter. Now that she approaches him with undeveloped powers of the force and a light saber, how can he turn his back on her? I guess we will have to wait and see what comes next, but my thoughts are that she is Luke Skywalker's daughter.

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