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Okay guys, I haven't been on here in a long time so hope your all are doing good. Sorry i didn't respond to your comments - let's change that. Anyway the reason you're here.

The Lego Group or LEGO, whatever you know them by, is known for spoilering movies before they come out. They did for Iron Man 3 and they did for Age of Ultron and they're doing it again.

If you look closely at the photo that was leaked it shows a giant Antman. I wonder if Scarlet Witch made him have the power to grow bigger and you now see Sharon Carter in the fight scene which looks like its at a airport where Bucky was ruining.

Bucky is flying the quinjet you see the new mark 46 bleeding edge Armour and War machine fighting the Giant Antman while Captain America seems to be coming out of the quinjet.

Next picture you see Captain America Is fighting off Black Panther with his shield hitting the black jet while Bucky is running away.

The next pic shows the Falcon fighting off Crossbones with Black widow.


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